Big E On Who Came Up With Time Machine Angle, Why He Wants Sasha Banks With The New Day

Vegas Seven has an interview with Big E, who was promoting this Sunday's WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Below are a couple of highlights:

Who came up with time machine angle on RAW (video above):

"We have a lot of weird ideas, a lot of ideas that are out there, but that actually was one of the few that didn't come from us. It was a decision from creative, and I thought, "Let's try to make it work." And I get that it's not for everyone, I know some people didn't care for it, but we also heard from a lot of people who loved it—it's a bit of a mixed bag. And our thing has always been that we try to provide an alternative; a lot of people are into guys who are just serious and want to go out there and beat people up and that's more than fine, I definitely understand that approach. But we just try to provide an alternative."

Who he would like to add to The New Day:

"We talked about this for quite some time, especially earlier, and we always saw New Day as a faction that would expand and be larger than three members. Now, though, it seems like such a perfect fit with us three. But if we had to, we're all such big Sasha Banks fans—I think she would add a different dynamic, though she's such a strong, beloved character that I don't think she needs to be surrounded by anyone. But if we were forced to pick someone, it would be Sasha Banks."

Big E also discussed performing in Las Vegas, Seth Rollins returning from injury, broomstick unicorns and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Vegas Sun


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