Breezango's Q&A: How They Became A Team, New Day, "Molten Poop," Smurf Fur, Summer Rae, Uggos, More

Tyler Breeze and Fandango participated in a hilarious Q&A backstage at Smackdown this week.

- They said that they came together as a team like "two magnets." They talk about magnets and science, in which Fandango says he learned from Bill Nye. They said lunch and recess were their favorite parts of school.


- They call "Golden Truth" "Molten Poop" and laugh to each other while calling them idiots and saying they're garbage.

- They're asked who inspired them to wrestle. Breeze said that he thought the milk in his fridge was inspired, but he drank it anyway.

- Fandango said Australia and Nevada are his favorite countries to visit.

- Fandango does air Nunchucks.

- They don't care which brand they end up on, they just want to end up on a brand different than Molten Poop.

- They get mad at fans who ask if they should be in the tag title match. They demand that 'Brandon' is blocked or they won't answer more questions.

- Goldust and R-Truth are the biggest 'uggos' they know. They say the guy filming the Q&A is pretty ugly, too.


- They want to wrestle New Day more than any other team.

- They said that their jackets are made of Smurf fur.

- They are asked about Summer Rae, and Fandango implies that he punted her into the distance. He says his favorite thing about Summer is Fall.

- They say they aren't bad guys or good guys, they're cool guys.

- In their free time they tan, shave, look in the mirror, ride around in their cars with cats, sleep.