Brock Lesnar Talks Getting Into Bar Fight, Curt Hennig Plane Incident, Tells Gross Sable Story

Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable this week, which you can watch in the video above. Below are some highlights:

- Lesnar was asked about the last time he got in a fight outside of the ring or cage. Lesnar said that he was at a function and went to the bar and ordered some drinks. He turned around for a second, and someone was taking them. Lesnar told the person that the drinks were his, and the person brushed him off. Lesnar took the drinks out of the man's hands and started to walk away. The bartender handed the man his own drinks, and he proceeded to smash Lesnar over the head with them. Lesnar said that things "ended very quickly" and that someone went to sleep, and it wasn't him.

- Lesnar said he stopped getting picked on by his older brother when he was 19 when he kicked his brother's ass.

- Lesnar was asked about stating in his book that he didn't remember 2 years of his life when he was with WWE. He talked about suffering injuries early in his WWE career, and also said that he's not a man to be on the road and in hotel rooms every night. He said that he struggled with that so he turned to his best friends, Vodka and Vicodin. He said that there was nothing cool with being on the road because you have to deal with hotels, car rentals, TSA, etc. He said that he felt like a hamster on a treadmill, and that he's thankful that he can work part-time in that environment.

- Lesnar was asked about the "plane ride from hell." Lesnar said that there was booze and Vicodin, and it was a seven hour flight overseas. He said that there was nothing to do but get in trouble or pass out and go to sleep, and they did both. He was asked about his drunken wrestling match with Curt Hennig on the flight, which Lesnar referred to as "whiskey wrestling." Lesnar doesn't remember details of the incident because he was "drunk and high," and just remembered getting reprimanded after they landed.

- Lesnar was asked what the most romantic thing he ever did for his wife (Rena Mero, f.k.a. Sable). Lesnar told a story about taking Rena on a tropical vacation after their son turned one year old. Lesnar told Rena to leave her wedding band at home so that it didn't get stolen. The people that were watching his kids took his wedding band and said that his son had swallowed it. They found an X-Ray online of a child with a ring inside their stomach. When Lesnar returned home, he wanted to buy Rena a new wedding band but she decided to search for the wedding ring inside the child's poop. She tried searching for the ring, to no avail. Lesnar bought her a new ring and gave it to her a couple of days later on their five-year wedding anniversary when they renewed their wedding vows.


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