Chyna Memorial Recap: X-Pac Vows To Fight For Chyna In WWE HOF, RVD Speaks, Messages From Top Stars

Yesterday was the Chyna Memorial in Redondo Beach, CA. The ceremony featured live music, art, speeches, a performance from Coolio and more. There was a video package shown of wrestlers stating that she should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, including Triple H's comments from the Steve Austin podcast (which was shown several times), Stephanie McMahon's comments to TMZ as well as endorsements from Mike Tyson, Billy Gunn, Jake Roberts, Coolio, Jennifer Tilly, The Headbangers, Al Snow, Greg Valentine, Lorenzo Llamas, Bushwhacker Luke and others.


Another video package was shown with comments from wrestlers remembering Chyna. Terri Runnels talked about how much she missed her and being a part of Chyna's WWF debut, noting that she felt it the next morning.

Mick Foley appeared and shared his favorite memory, which was Chyna watching over his daughter when she was a kid. Hulk Hogan said that he met Chyna years before she broke into wrestling, and that she had a great heart and they'll wrestle again someday. Kurt Angle talked about Chyna being revolutionary and said that she made an everlasting impression on himself and everyone she's met. Jeff Jarrett's was the last video message, and he noted that she was his last opponent in WWE, and he worked with her in her last match in TNA. He said that it was special every time he worked with her.


Sean "X-Pac" Waltman spoke for about 6 minutes. He noted that he had a "really rocky relationship" with her, but that he loved her until the day she died. He said that Chyna did more for the empowerment of women than Billie Jean King and others, and feels that she doesn't get the credit that she deserves for that. He said that Chyna might have been the most important member of D-X and was the glue of the group. He said that maybe we shouldn't give WWE a break, and it's time for WWE to induct her. He talked about how big her time in NJPW was.

"I'm really sorry, I hope you forgive me for not taking better care of you," Waltman concluded. "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you end up in the WWE Hall of Fame where you belong."

Rob Van Dam was the last wrestler to speak. He talked about her being a pioneer and mentioned seeing her at a Q&A last year. He said that she was grateful that he respected her and he noted that of course he did, and joked, "she was the man!" He noted that guys would whisper backstage during Chyna's run about if they would be cool wrestling women, but it made men outside the business whisper that she would "beat the sh-t" out of them, and he agreed. He put over her impact on the business and said that people will always remember and, "and she doesn't even need a last name." He put her over for always doing things her way and being one of a kind.


You can check out the whole ceremony above. Waltman and RVD's speeches start at the 1:40:00 mark. Below are highlights from people in attendance: