Dean Ambrose On If Roman Reigns Would Have Defeated Seth Rollins, Not Wanting To Keep MITB Briefcase

98.5 The Sports Hub interviewed new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose yesterday, who was promoting this Saturday's WWE live event at the TD Garden in Boston. During the interview, Ambrose talked about winning the championship this past Sunday at WWE Money In The Bank and was asked if he would have cashed in had Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins.

"I woulda whacked him [Reigns] right in the back of the head with that briefcase," Ambrose said.

Ambrose also revealed another reason for wanting to cash in the briefcase so quickly.

"Here's the thing: I'm prone to losing things," Ambrose explained. "I lose my keys and my sunglasses and my hat, I'll lose my shoes. I lose everything. So the thought of carrying that briefcase around for a year, in the airport and going from hotel to hotel and building to building carrying around that ridiculous briefcase, I was like, 'I'm gonna lose this thing. There's no way I'm going to be able to keep track of this friggin thing for six months or a year, let's just get to it tonight and let's get this sucker out of my hands and get something else in my hands.'"

You can listen to the full interview below:


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