Drew Galloway Talks Wanting To Team With Wade Barrett Again, Creative Control In WWE Vs. TNA, More

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio, which was conducted before he lost the title to Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary a couple of weeks ago. They sent us these highlights:

TNA's seen an influx of talent lately with a lot of new signings, and the free agent market has started to grow recently too, especially with WWE releasing a bunch of talent, most notably Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow. What are your thoughts on the prospects of TNA going after some of those guys and who might you like to see the company sign?

"Anybody really. All those guys you just mentioned would be a huge assist to any company. Cody is doing his thing right now and getting people talking. Sandow already has himself back out there. Wade is kicking his feet up and watching the soccer championships. Selfishly, I want my buddies there because they would be a huge asset to the company right now. I could see myself and Wade teaming again like when we were FCW tag champions. Or we could be facing each other across the ring, either one would be a really cool prospect."

After leaving WWE, you began working the independent scene again. How was working the indies different this time around and do you think the experience helped you regain some confidence after being underutilized by WWE?

"When I got signed by WWE, I was wrestling over in Europe and the scene there just wasn't the same as it is now. It was in its infant stages and it was really just me and five other guys starting the modern day Scottish wrestling league. We were all just trying to help each other get better at the time. There was one TV show where it was Sheamus and myself as the main guys on the show, so I can't really compare it to today. To go back to the independent scene, I have been feeling confident. I have always tried to watch the indie guys and keep my finger on the pulse. I knew I could hang with these guys, but it was frustrating with my first match with Chris Hero. I think I ended up pulling my hamstring in that one. It was supposed to last 25 minutes and end with me winning the title. If you are on top of the card and you are the champion and look back and see the talent behind you on that roster. Guys like Ricochet and Roderick Strong, you will quickly learn how to wrestle on the indie scene. I like diving in the deep end. If I sink it's on me and if I swim it's on me."

In recent interviews, you've mentioned how TNA has let you be yourself. Can you further explain what you mean by that, what type of freedom do you have creatively in TNA and has there ever been something that you wanted to do that you haven't been able to do yet that you could share with us?

"Basically what you see is what you get with me. You will see it in my body when I am talking wrestling and I start to get amped up. I forget where I am at and I start to jump all over the place. I just love this business and I am so passionate about it. So many ideas will just flood my head at once and it's hard to contain myself.

"With WWE you are playing a role on a TV show. There is only so much room for improvisation because you have to stick to the character and that's just the way of the beast and how it works. For TNA, they saw what I was doing in the indies and contacted me and told me I could be myself over there. They give me material, but they let me put it in my own words. It's so much easier for a talent to deliver and let them take it and make it their own. It really does give the optimum product and the best extension of your character."


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