Enzo Amore And Big Cass On Possibly Splitting Up With The Draft, Concussion At Payback, SAWFT, More

Above is this week's ESPN SportsCenter "Off The Top Rope" segment with Jonathan Coachman. Coach looks back at the Memorial Day RAW from Green Bay.

In the videos below, Coach is joined by Enzo Amore and Big Cass. In regards to "the realest guys in the room," Enzo says it's just real life because they're real. Enzo says they're being real on-screen and that's why fans have gotten behind them. Enzo says he has to turn the volume down on himself a little and Cass turns his volume up, which makes the perfect package they have going on.


Regarding the WWE Draft, Cass acknowledges they could end up on either brand but he believes the brand extension will create competition among the WWE Superstars on each show, which will create the best sports entertainment product. Cass says everyone wants to be at the place to be and they're making the brand they go to the place to be. Enzo says this is going to provide opportunities for everyone the roster. He says the brand extension is the best thing that could've happened to them but they hope they stay on the same brand.

Coach asked about Enzo's concussion at WWE Payback but he brushed it up. Enzo says hitting his head on the mat was what caused the concussion, what he called a hard sneeze. Enzo says he's blessed to be here to make a comeback and he's all the way up. Enzo also says they're looking at the tag team division and he's not sawft. Cass calls the incident very scary and says he got very emotional because of the uncertainty.


Coach also asked about their "sawft" catchphrase and asked how important mic skills are to them. Enzo says magic happens when hard work and talent meet each other, and he's always coming up with catchphrases.

They also talked about WWE's concussion testing, origins of their catchphrase and more in the interview.