Justin Gabriel Talks John Cena Changing SummerSlam Main Event Finish, If It Affected Nexus, More

PJ Black, who formerly performed for WWE as Justin Gabriel, participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything recently. You can see highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Differences between Lucha UG as a TV show than wrestling shows:

"If you asked ten different people on the roster, you'd get ten different answers. I look at it as a combination of both. When we film the wrestling in front of the crowds, it's more like wrestling. When we film backstage stuff, it's more like a TV series. With this combination, we are able to tell stories and finish them, whereas straight wrestling shows keep going on and on forever."

Where Lucha UG will be five years from now, the frankensteiner spot between he, Rey and Prince Puma:

"I hope that we keep building on our momentum, and that more people get their eyes on the product. I feel like we can appeal to wrestling and non-wrestling fans, which is really cool. I did, actually, with Evan Bourne. I suggested to Rey and Puma to try it once at a show in Canada, and it ended up going viral. We recreated it in Lucha Underground later. Before we did it in LU, I called Evan and told him we pulled it off and he said, "I know, I hate all three of you assholes."

If he tried to fight John Cena defeating Nexus at Summerslam 2010, and if it hurt them:

"Yea, it did, and we tried to fight that - Edge, Jericho, guys like that fought for us and knew where the storyline was supposed to go. But unfortunately, one guy had a lot of power and made the change. He admitted he was wrong after that and there's nothing more we could do about it."


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