Kelly Kelly On If She Misses WWE, Her Favorite WWE Moment, Married Life, Total Divas

Former WWE star Barbie Blank, f.k.a. Kelly Kelly, appeared on The Rack to promote the new season of WAGS. In a nearly 15-minute interview, she talked about WAGS season 2 and what we can expect to see this upcoming season, what it's like to be newly married, planning the wedding and if we'll get to see it as part of the show, her time in WWE and if she'd considered doing Total Divas, her decision to retire and if that helped when her husband decided to hang up the skates, her favorite moment from her WWE days and much more. You can download and listen to the full episode by clicking here, they sent us this transcription:

How the newly married life is treating her:

"I just got married at the end of February and it's just been amazing. I mean, I married my soul-mate so it's been a whirlwind: planning the wedding and the wedding day was the best day of our lives. I'm just excited to call him my husband now and carry on the Souray name."

Will we get to see her wedding as part of WAGS, Season 2:

"Oh my gosh, you're going to see everything in Season 2 when it comes to the wedding. You're going to see the ups and downs of planning a wedding, you're going to see the bridezilla moments, you're going to see some stuff that goes down where I'm like 'Oh my gosh, I don't know if this wedding is going to happen' because that went on with planning a wedding, but I don't want to give too much away. There's some drama with the girls, leading up to it, but you get to see the whole wedding which I can't wait for the fans to see. I can't wait for them to see all my hard work pay off and just see their year and a half wedding that I've been planning that was such a magical day and I can't wait for everyone to see it."

What it was like planning for everything with the wedding:

"Yeah, I mean it was my first time planning a wedding so find out all those things- down to the place cards and everything like that, you're like 'I didn't even realize'. Luckily, I had an amazing wedding planned and she really helped me with so much. It's hard planning a wedding in Mexico and you're in LA (Los Angeles); it's not easy.

What can we expect to see on WAGS, Season 2 when it premieres:

"Well, the beginning of the season, that's mostly just the wedding planning and there's some drama with the girls but I kind of stay out of that this season. I didn't want to be involved with any of the drama, I was like 'I'm focused, it's my wedding. I'm planning my wedding, I'm not with any of your girl's drama.' So, you'll see me walk out a lot where I'm like throw my hands up, I'm done. And then really, after we get married, I'm contemplating if I want a family or if I want to get back into work and maybe do some acting or something like that. So, you'll get to see where I figure out, with my husband, what's our next move."

If her previous retirement from wrestling and WWE helped with her husband's retirement from hockey:

"Yeah, I feel like we were both able to relate to each other on another level when it came to that too, because when I retired, I didn't know what was next. I was like 'Ok, now what do I do?' You know? And for him, I think he just enjoyed being retired and not having to live on a schedule because he he'd played hockey for 20 years, so I think he enjoyed being retired and now not being on a schedule and being able to do his own thing and golf. But now, he's thinking 'Now what do I do?' and now he just enjoys golfing and just living the retired life. But I definitely feel like we were able to relate on that level of now we're retired and now, what's next? So it was the perfect time to get married because he had just retired and we were both able to put our efforts into planning a wedding."

What's the best part about transitioning into a normal life again:

"With wrestling, because you're on the road for 300 days a year, and you don't have any off-season, so your constant, to go from that to 'Now what do I do?', it's not easy. But I was able to get into a routine; I started cooking a lot more, I started working out. I got my routine down after being retired for a couple of months, and was like 'Ok, this is my life now. This is normal life.'"

What attracted her to do the show WAGS:

"When WAGS approached me about the show, I was like this is awesome. This is such an awesome concept and I think it's a great thing that it's not about who we're dating really; it's about our lives and what it is like dating athletes and we have going on. I was a former wrestler and wanted to get into acting now and stuff like that. So, it's able to highlight that too and I just kind of missed being in the entertainment industry. So, when they approached me, I was like you know what this will give me what I kind of missed when I left WWE and I'll be able to start working again. I feel like this has been a great opportunity for people to be able to see what it's like to be married to or dating an athlete and the highs and lows with that. That's definitely what attracted me to that and for season two, it was an easy answer because I loved season one and I'm excited about season two."

Does she ever miss being in the WWE:

"I miss the performing, you know. I miss performing for the fans, I miss walking through the curtain and having them cheer for me. So that's the part I miss for sure. I feel like I'm able to get that fix with being on WAGS because you either love me or you hate me and so in the end I feel like I'm able to keep my fans and they're able to see a different side of me; they're able to see how I am in my everyday life, which in WWE they weren't able to see. They were just seeing a character."

Would she have been interested in doing Total Divas if still with WWE:

"I think when I left, it was my time. I just had a lot of issues with my neck and my body. When you're wrestling 300 days a year, your body is doing things it's not meant to do and you definitely get injuries very quickly. So, I just started to get a lot of injuries and I was just ready to spend time at home with Sheldon and we were getting a lot more serious. I just felt like it was my time, so when Total Divas came up, I just couldn't go back to doing that schedule. But I feel like WAGS was the perfect place for me to be."

What are some of her favorite moment while in WWE:

"Probably when I was able to win the Divas Championship; that was the best day and highlight of my career was winning the belt. And how I won it too; it was the fan's choice about who they were going to face, so the fans chose me and I went out there and I won the belt. I felt like everyone had recognized I had been there for so long and I had earned this, it was my time and I was just so happy because once you reach that, you can't go any higher. You are the champion of the whole division. That's what motivated me for so long was the fans. They mean everything."

Who does she have the best chemistry with on WAGS:

"I mean, I love Olivia (Pierson). Actually, it's so funny, seeing from last season until now, we've gotten so close. So, I would definitely say Olivia and Nicole (Williams). Nicole and I have gotten really close. So, you'll see a different side because last season I was really with the wives and so, if you tune in, you'll see how things start to change and it'll be an exciting, entertaining season."

Is there any tension between the wives and girlfriends of WAGS:

"Well, if you saw last season, some women like to think they are the hierarchy- that wives are up here and girlfriends are down here, that whole thing. I've never been one to be all about that, but I see where the wives come from, in that they say, 'Oh, the girlfriends, you never know who is going to be here today, tomorrow so you don't want to get close to them'. I understand that part but I don't understand how serious they take it, like "Oh, I'm not going to talk with you because you're a girlfriend.' I'm not like that but there are some ladies that are. It does happen and a lot in the athletic world, so it is and interesting point of view."

Is there anyone she'd like to see join the show:

"I don't know. Since Sheldon retired last season, I haven't really been around that world lately, so I don't know who all is around now. I mean, it would be amazing if Carrie Underwood or someone like that joined."

What do you like to do on your day off:

"I love going to the movies by myself; I know it's a little weird but I love going, getting a big popcorn and a Coke and sitting down and watching a movie by myself. Whatever I want to see and not being bothered, not having to explain anything to anyone, not having anyone sitting right next to me; just being alone and in my own space."

Source: The Rack