Lucha Underground Recap (6/15): Six To Survive Match, Ivelisse, Fenix, Mundo, Cuerno, Pentagon, Taya

Welcome to this week's Lucha Underground coverage from Wrestling Inc. Tonight's show features only one match --- the Six to Survive match to determine Matanza's challenger at Ultima Lucha!

Six to Survive Match
Pentagon vs. Ivelisse vs. Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Taya vs. King Cuerno

This is contested under elimination rules, and everyone is legal at all times. There's a cool spot where Fenix and Pentagon, who are brothers, do the Dudley diving headbutt to Johnny Mundo. Muertes interfered and attacked Cuerno, but it's a no DQ match. Mundo hit his finish to eliminate Cuerno just four minutes into the match.

Ivelisse is the next to go, as Taya eliminated her with a Northern Lights Suplex and a double stomp. Taya stands up to get kicked between the legs, and then eventually package piledriven by Pentagon for an elimination at a little over 20 minutes in. Mundo, Fenix and Pentagon remain, and go through a ton of crazy spots. Mundo ends up paying the price for playing to the crowd, and was double pinned and eliminated.

Penatgon and Fenix are battling it out, blood brothers left as the final two in the ring. The winner gets a title shot against Matanza at Ultima Lucha. Pentagon and Fenix went at it full speed, which was crazy to see them doing at over 40 minutes in, even with six people in the match. Pentagon hits a Mexican Destroyer and a Package Piledriver to win. Excellent match.

Winner: Pentagon via pinfall (Package Piledriver)


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