Matt Sydal On If He Wants Ricochet To Join NXT, Which WWE Star Is His Dream Opponent, His WWE Stint

On episode 85 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Matt Sydal, formerly known as Evan Bourne in WWE, said that being a WWE Superstar was never his dream. Also, Sydal talked about the future of his tag team partner, Ricochet. Finally, Sydal discussed dream matches and said he would like to face WWE's Cesaro again.


With respect to his run in WWE, Sydal admitted that being in WWE was never his dream. Rather, Sydal went there because it seemed like the thing to do.

"I kind of got sent to WWE because everybody told me that was their dream and it should have been mine too, but I don't think it ever really was. I always saw myself as being a champion in Japan and that's what I'm doing right now. And I'll tell you what, it feels incredible!"

When asked about the prospect of Ricochet landing in NXT, Sydal acknowledged that he has selfish reasons for not wanting his New Japan Pro-Wrestling tag team partner to move on with his career. With that said, Sydal had high praise for Ricochet, claiming that the performer also known as Lucha Underground's Prince Puma will be a major star no matter where he ends up.


"I am extremely biased in this case. Ricochet is the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with me. Now, if I'd have known we were doing this interview a little bit longer ago, I'd have the belt over my shoulder the entire time because I wear that with pride, okay? So Ricochet's my partner, so why in the hell would I want him to go to NXT? He's incredible and he'll kill it there. He'll become a famous [professional] wrestling star there. If he stays with Lucha Underground, he'll become a super famous [professional] wrestling star there. If he stays with New Japan and Ring Of Honor or does whatever he wants, by the time it's all said and done, he's going to go down within the Rey Mysterio echelon of humans to ever step into this ring. He's that good."

Sydal said that he hopes to keep his tag team with Ricochet together for another year or two.

"I think we've got a long life ahead of us. I'd like to think what Ricochet's doing now, we'll be tagging for at least another year or two before anything changes. After that, I don't like doing anything for more than a year or two. Nothing's permanent and even if Ricochet goes to WWE, he'll come back in a couple of years."

When asked who he would like to face in a dream match, Sydal named 'The Swiss Superman', Cesaro.


"When I got hurt, he got hired [by WWE]. I got fired and he was here and we crossed paths. He was one of my last matches before I went to WWE and I want just to have that match. I don't care where it happens. I don't care if it happens in someone's backyard, in The Young Bucks' backyard. As long as I get to wrestle him one more time, I'm going to be a happy, happy camper."

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