More On Seth Rollins Responding To Bret Hart Over John Cena Injury, Cena Sharing In The Blame, More

As Marc noted over the weekend, Seth Rollins discussed how Bret 'Hitman' Hart hurt his feelings on episode 253 of Talk Is Jericho. According to Rollins, Hart hurt his feelings when he suggested that 'The Architect' is an unsafe worker in the squared circle and that Rollins should have taken better care of himself during his first world title run.


"Bret Hart had some comments about me and how safe I am in the ring because of John's nose, and then, me getting hurt while I was the champion and just said that you couldn't do that because people relied on you as a top guy. And that hurt my feelings. And I haven't seen Bret since then, but, I mean, I know he comes from a different era when he worked through a lot of stuff, but, man, that sucked. That hurt my feelings. I'm like, 'dude, I idolized you. You were one of the guys who, at 6'1" [and] 230 [pounds], you were a guy who I was like, 'I can do that because Bret Hart does it”, so, like, for him to [say that]. He [has] got to know how hard I'm working every night for him to kind of say that in an interview."


On the subject of accidentally breaking Cena's nose, Rollins said that he felt bad about the incident and described how it transpired.

"That was gnarly, man. That was really bad. I mean, dude, he looked gnarly. I felt so bad. Yeah, it was just a knee. We were trading shots and I threw a high knee just for some separation, so that we could get to whatever the next thing we were doing was, and for whatever reason [the shot connected]." Rollins added, "and I felt that thing, heard it through the nose, just a pop and a crunch. And he went down and I was like, 'oh no! This is no good.' And then, he went down, to the corner, and I'm just doing my thing in the ring, waiting to see, and, then, he comes up like a bat out of hell, just blood face, 'ahhh!' He looked like Brad Pitt in Fight Club!"

Although Rollins expressed remorse over the incident, he claimed that 'The Face That Runs The Place' played a part in the break.

"Look, John will be the first guy to admit that he's a clumsy fella. He's not a graceful individual. And he kind of, when he's not sure about stuff, for his own protection, a lot of times, he'll put his body into whatever you're doing. Like, if you're throwing punches at him or forearms, he leans a little bit. And it was just one of those things where we talked about it. [It was] the first time I tried it, but it wasn't something we went over. And for whatever reason the timing of it, we'll call it 'perfect' or 'imperfect'. Whatever you want, but, man. And I wear kneepads too, pretty thick kneepads."


With that said, Rollins spoke very favorably of Cena as well, saying that he always viewed Cena as a role model and measuring stick.

"Whatever you say about John, and I love the guy, but whatever people say about him, he is one tough, dedicated dude. Yeah, [he is] a mutant." Rollins continued, "and he [has] always been my measuring stick. Like, he [has] been my guy because when I came into the company, he was the top guy, so he's the top guy I look at as an example for 'who do I want to be?' I want to be in that. I want that spot, so how does John operate? That's how I operate. So I train when people don't want to train like my rehab for the knee. I was like, 'well, if John's going to get back in however many months, then, I've got to target that.' You know what I'm saying? And that's really an unreasonable expectation because like [Jericho] said, he [has] got mutant powers, but it's a good example. He's legitimately a great example for younger guys in just how hard to work to be in that position because it takes a lot."

In addition to these topics, Rollins discussed Daniel Bryan's retirement from professional wrestling, using Triple H's Pedigree, and more. Click here to check out the podcast. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit Talk Is Jericho with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


Source: Talk Is Jericho