The Mirror recently interviewed NXT star Hugo Knox, who was promoting the current NXT tour in the U.K. During the interview, he detailed what a typical day is like at the WWE Performance Center.

"Okay, so Monday to Friday we will train, doing strength and conditioning for maybe two hours, which will be weight training, bodybuilding and functional training as well, it's not all just lifting weights trying to get big, there is a lot of picking up Atlas stones, working on your grip, so you can handle larger people when you're in the ring and do it safely," Knox said. "In the afternoons we will wrestle for say three hours, working on technique and drills and cardio and your in-ring stamina.

"Occasionally in the evenings we will have promo classes when you work on bringing your character out and we're lucky enough that we have people like William Regal who will come down and gives us tips and advice, not just on in-ring ability but how to develop your character and talk on a microphone, where to be looking for the cameras... we've got a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips really. And at the weekends we will be working live events, putting into practice everything we learn in the week. So Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, currently we've been doing two loops, a select group will work out of state and another group will work the Florida state. So there is a lot going on, there are six shows just with NXT. And we also have Raw and SmackDown, so there is something always going on."

Knox also discussed paying tribute to Dusty Rhodes with the polka dots on his trunks, getting injured during his first year with WWE, how long he's been a fan of WWE and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Mirror