Pierre-Carl Ouellet On Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn's Early Years, Their History, Sami As A Babyface

Today Rebels SpartaCon presents The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling featuring a Canadian wrestling legend and one of the most underrated workers of the 1990s, "PCO" Pierre Carl Ouellet. From his start in the wrestling business to meeting Jaques Rougeau in Puerto Rico and forming the Quebecers all the way through his time with both the WWE and WCW, PCO shares his candid thoughts on his career, his opponents and his determined spirit to be the best wrestler in the world. We also get a look into the world of PCO as a mentor to two of the most elite WWE Superstars currently on television as we find out what the early days of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were like as they got their start in Montreal. It's all here in this two and a half hour "EPIC" episode. Get ready because it's time for a little PCO STYLE. You can download the full episode at this link.


His connection to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn:

"For me having worked with some of those guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn who obviously was El Generico back then or "Rami" his real name and Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) they kind of grew up with me. When I first met Kevin he was 14 and when he got older we had a tremendous match together in a three way with me, Rami and Kevin. I wasn't really surprised when they made it there (WWE) because of just their talent."

What he saw in both Owens and Zayn while still training them:

"Zayn is very, very enthusiastic and I've never seen anybody so enthusiastic about the business. Nothing really seems to bother him. For me if I go on the road for a month or two I start to feel home sick or miss my family a little bit but this guy seems to happy everywhere he goes and it doesn't seem like he isn't missing anything because wrestling is his life and it is all he cares about."


"Kevin is an addict. From having posters in his room since he was a really, really young kid he always wanted to make it into the business and I guess I'm not surprised. They both put a lot of sacrifice into it and traveled a lot and had a lot of bad luck through their careers but kept going through and I guess that is a story of real champions. Nothing always goes well for the wrestling whole career because you have to have some deep down moments where you question yourself and you keep pushing yourself and that is why I am happy that they made it and they are doing so well because they really are a true example of how to persevere and to keep a goal in your mind and not just to follow it with your eyes but stay focused on it."

Their hard hitting offensive maneuvers that can lead to injuries:

"With Sami the first thing that comes to mind with him is how hard he is on his body as far as doing all the crazy stuff. I'm not surprised that he gets injured here and there but the same with Kevin too. The thing about both of those guys is Sami is probably now like 210lbs. and Kevin is like 280 but when they first started to work they were both about 155lbs so they have been doing all those maneuvers since they were small and kept doing them the whole way through and it's not like someone who is 280lbs and decides to do that kind of stuff."


Sami Zayn being the ultimate baby-face:

"Sami always had the crowd going for him. When he was El Generico with the "OLE, OLE, OLE" and I've seen him do it in Montreal and I've seen him in Germany and in England work it. First thing you know he is getting big chants and getting the crowd working for him and it is wherever he goes and whatever he does. They (WWE) took the El Generico gimmick off of him and he still gets the crowd going."

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