ROH Best In The World Recap: Lethal Vs. Briscoe II, Roderick Strong's Last PPV, WCW Star Shows Up

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Kyle O'Reilly vs. Kamaitachi

Kamaitachi pisses O'Reilly off early, which results in him being taken down and hit with palm strikes over and over. After several minutes in control, O'Reilly's leg buckles and Kamaitachi capitalizes by attacking. Kamaitachi hits a couple of dragon screw leg whips and an inverted Figure Four, but O'Reilly gets to the ropes. Kamaitachi pulls him away and applies the hold yet again, but O'Reilly gets back to them.

O'Reilly bounces back to apply an armbar over the top rope, then some kicks, but he falls victim to an apron dropkick and a flying senton. O'Reilly once again battles back with kicks and a rebound lariat. Kamaitachi misses the double stomp and powerbombs O'Reilly, only to get put in a triangle then and armbar. They two strike each other, but O'Reilly hits a brainbuster and an armbar for the win.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly via submission (armbar)

ACH vs. Silas Young

This match is happening because Young thinks it's dumb that ACH plays video games and watches cartoons. ACH gets an early dropkick, but Young drags him outside the ring for a beating. ACH uses a springboard off the barricade to turn the tides, but catches a knee back inside the ring. Young slows down ACH's offense with a flapjack, then applies a body scissors to ACH.

ACH knocks the hell out of Young with a series of clotheslines, then impressively flips up. Young counters a backslide by punting ACH in the head, then counters Get Over Here with a backbreaker for two. Young gets another two count with Au Revoir. Young grabs a chair, but ACH comes over the top with a breathtaking Air Jordan. Young misses the handstand moonsault and ACH wins with Midnight Star.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (Midnight Star)

Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong

Strong rejects a handshake and tries to pull Briscoe's hair, but it comes off. Briscoe shaved his head and beats the crap out of Strong all around the ring. Strong finally recovers and darts Briscoe into the ring post, then drops him across the barricade. Strong retains control with big strikes, although Briscoe gets the occasional big shot of his own in there.

Both men reverse a suplex about six times until Briscoe lands one. After a back and forth exchange, Briscoe crosses Strong's arms and slams him off the second rope, then gets a two count on an Exploder suplex. Strong gets the knees up on a Froggy Elbow to a gross degree, and then connects with about four or five forearms. Briscoe counters the double-knee gutbuster into the Boston Crab.

Strong ends up getting a superplex, but Briscoe holds on for the pin. A double-knee gutbuster connects, then Strong applies the Strong Hold. Briscoe kicks Strong off the apron and finds a home for the Cactus Jack Elbow, but back inside, Strong catches Briscoe mid-air with a dropkick. Strong lands a Sick Kick after a strike exchange, but Briscoe kicks out. Mark hits a Sick Kick and a brainbuster of his own, then a Fisherman's Buster for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe via pinfall (Fisherman's Buster)

The two embrace as the crowd chants "Thank You Roddy."

Bullet Club (Adam Cole & Young Bucks) vs. War Machine & Moose

A BC triple kick and suicide dive starts it out, but Moose flies over the top rope onto everyone. Moose and War Machine put a beating on Bullet Club outside the ring. Young Bucks double suplex Hanson on the ramp. Back inside the ring, Moose hits a dropkick and the "Moose" punches, but gets hit with "suck it" punches and triple superkicked. Ray Rowe comes in and beats down everyone.

Matt Taven's commentary is really bad, per usual. I get that putting himself over is part of his thing, but it comes at the expense of the match. Hanson falls to the outside but doesn't hit anyone. Cole and Matt Jackson hit superkicks and Nick flips out onto his opponents. Hanson follows up with a dive of his own. Path of Resistance with Moose lands, then Hanson gets a splash for two.

Double superkick on Moose, then Rowe takes out the Bucks with knees, then Cole takes out Rowe with a Destroyer, then Hanson lands a Rikishi Driver on Cole. Hanson is caught mid-moonsault with Superkicks, then Stokely gets a triple superkick too. Another triple superkick on Moose sets up a Meltzer Driver for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club via pinfall (Meltzer Driver)

ROH World Tag Team Championships
Addiction (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

MCMG take control with about a half-dozen kicks and a series of tandem moves before Addiction slow it down and work over Sabin. Shelley is tagged in and makes Kaz spear Daniels. It's worth noting that Kaz has went and gotten himself in the best shape he's seen in years. Daniels back suplexes Kaz onto Shelley, who is now getting the business in the corner.

Sabin gets the tag and takes both members out of Addiction with kicks. Shelley regains a degree of consciousness, and helps Sabin take Addiction out by holding the ropes open for a suicide dive. Daniels posts Shelley, and Sabin eats a powerbomb/neckbreaker for two. Shelley stops Celebrity Rehab and reverse STOs Daniels into the buckle. Kazarian delivers a reverse STO of his own, and everyone is down. Kamaitachi shows up and fights Jay White in the audience, allowing Addiction to get a low blow on Shelley. Best Meltzer Driver Ever gets the win for Addiction.

Winners: Addiction via pinfall (Best Meltzer Driver Ever) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

It is revealed after the match that Kamaitachi joined forces with Addiction.

Fight Without Honor
BJ Whitmer vs. Steve Corino

Corino meets Whitmer on the ramp and tosses him into the barricade twice. Corino pulls a table out, but gets posted. Corino is now missing a tooth, and walks into a Whitmer spinebuster. Corino comes back and attacks Whitmer's knee with a chair. Corino threatens to hit Whitmer with the chair and gets flipped off, then Corino is punched in the eye repeatedly. Doctors check on Corino, and Whitmer Exploder Suplexes Corino through a table twice for just a one count. Corino gets two superkicks and a lariat for two. Corino busts a beer bottle on Whitmer's head and stabs him in the head, then pours rubbing alcohol all over it. Whitmer clocks Corino with a roll of quarters for two, but Corino hits a Package Piledriver for two as well. The lights go out and Kevin Sullivan appears and nails Corino with the golden spike. Whitmer lands an Exploder for the win.

Winner: BJ Whitmer via pinfall (Exploder suplex)

ROH Television Championship
Bobby Fish (c) vs. Dalton Castle

The two shake hands and begin the match. Dalton Castle has trouble finding his rhythm early and eats a lot of kicks. Castle gets an armdrag and headbutts, but is pulled off of the top rope. Fish continues to work on Castle's leg, using a slingshot senton on it. Dalton gets a little offense, but gets suplexed into the corner. The two battle back and forth, and Castle gets a dead lift German Suplex. The crowd has been terrible all show long.

Castle catches Fish, but is put into the Fish Hook and gets to the ropes. Castle is tanked off the apron, but Castle catches Fish in midair and suplexes him over the barricade, then dives over top. More back and forth leads to Fish getting dropped RIGHT on his head in a scary spot. Fish counters Bangarang into a pin and gets the victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish via pinfall to retain the ROH World Television Championship

- A podium and a bunch of stuff is set up and Caprice Coleman is out with ANX cutting a promo about ANX never being beaten for the tag titles. Rhett Titus buries the roster for how they look, something we heard earlier from Matt Taven.

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Taeler Hendrix) vs. Jay Briscoe

Lethal hits his dropkick early on, but Briscoe delivers a big punch. Briscoe ends up outside, eating a suicide dive, but then he delivers a Trifecta to Lethal, finishing with a tope con hilo. Taeler Hendrix attacks Jay Briscoe and gets booted, and almost gets into it with Mandy Leon outside of the ring after throwing a hissy fit. Back in the ring, Briscoe plants a huge forearm on Lethal's face, but has to resort to a powerbomb when the Jay Driller doesn't happen. That gets a two, as does a Death Valley Driver.

Jay Lethal hits a sick looking cutter on Briscoe to the floor with Briscoe hanging from the apron. Lethal misses a top rope Frankensteiner, but counters a super Jay Diller to land the rana. Lethal follows up with Hail to the King and a Figure Four. Jay Briscoe avoids two Lethal Injections to hit one of his own! And a Jay Driller! Lethal kicks out! Both men end up on the top rope and Lethal hits a super cutter and a Lethal Injection for the win!

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Championship

The two men shake hands after the match.