Sasha Banks On Which Brand She Wants To Be Drafted To, Becoming WWE Women's Champion, More

Above is this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole, featuring Sasha Banks. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks Sasha where she's been and she brushes it off. She says don't worry about where she's been because she strikes when the iron is hot and she's coming for the WWE Women's Title

* Cole plugs her new Muscle & Fitness Hers cover. Sasha calls it a great experience shooting the cover

* Regarding the WWE Brand Extension, Sasha says she prefers to end up on SmackDown. That was her favorite growing up because her inspiration Eddie Guerrero was on that brand. She says Eddie was the reason she wanted to become a WWE Superstar and she wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. Sasha says she had goosebumps when doing the Frogsplash at WrestleMania 32 and just wanted to do right by Eddie

* They also talk more about the match with Bayley that was almost a whole year ago. Sasha says the women are equals now and she's not here to be a Diva, she's here to be a Superstar. Sasha says she's here to the best, she was born to do this and was born to be champion


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