The Whig has a pretty extensive interview with Scott Hall, who talked about his career, setbacks, addictions and more. He also talked about leaving the WWF in 1996 for WCW, and noted that Vince McMahon stopped sending him royalty checks because of it.

“I’m so happy to be back on the royalty gravy train,” Hall said. “I was the guy who left and went to work for the competition and guess what, the competition started winning. I got blamed for taking Kev (Kevin Nash) with me. I didn’t get a royalty check for 15 years, Kev [Nash] still got his… Vince took it personally when I left, to the point where I didn’t get royalties.”

Hall admitted that he wanted to stay with WWE, and tried to get a guaranteed deal, which McMahon refused. Once he made the decision to leave, McMahon got aggressive.

“As soon as I made the decision, I was dirty on a piss test that was six weeks old,” Hall said. “I mean Vince came after me with everything. It was really brutal man.”

Hall noted that despite the bad blood at the time, he has no regrets with how he left.

“I feel good about what I did,” he said. “I went to him man to man, months in advance, asked for the money, gave a written notice, 90 days in advance, and the notice was only that I didn’t want to leave, but I just didn’t want my contract to keep rolling over. Initially, the contracts that the WWE offered was 10 days, 10 matches you were guaranteed in one year; 10 matches at $150 a match, which means you’re guaranteed $1,500, but you give up everything — you can’t wrestle, or promote, or do an interview or an appearance or anything for anybody but Vince. But he’s only guaranteeing you $1,500. I just didn’t want that contract to roll over, I wanted to talk, but he was furious.”

Hall noted that everything is fine now between him and the company, and talked about his upcoming WWE DVD that comes out in July. He also added that he is back to getting royalty checks, and that now everyone – including the talent in NXT – receive royalty checks.

“You’re welcome fellas, you’re welcome,” Hall quipped.

Hall also talked about getting hooked on wrestling, Dusty Rhodes, Vince McMahon wanting to give him a G.I. Joe gimmick, falling to addictions, getting clean and much more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Whig

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