Seth Rollins And AJ Styles Bust Out Formerly Banned Move At WWE Live Event (Video)

Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp finish may be banned, but that didn't stop him from dipping into his offensive arsenal to use a move that was prohibited by the WWE 15 years ago.

During a WWE live event last night Rollins performed the Vertebreaker on Styles. The move has been used by the likes of Nova, Homicide, and perhaps most famously Shane Helms. When Helms came to the WWE in 2001, he was told to not use the move anymore.


I spoke to Helms about the move several months ago, and the opened up about why it was put on the shelf.

"Yeah, the move was over, but it didn't affect me because there were very few guys in the WWE I could do it to, especially as the Hurricane. All of my feuds were with big guys and I couldn't pick them up. That came from Vince himself. I didn't try to argue my point or anything. Vince tells you to do something, you kind of just do it. It wasn't that big of a deal, I didn't need to go to Vince and have a debate about it. It wasn't a big loss to me," Helms said.

The move itself looks risky in nature, but Helms said it was a simple one to take. He could only remember rare instances when the Vertebreaker went wrong in the ring.


"It's easy to take, you tuck your chin. You take it like a German suplex impact. I would take a lot of impact on my upper back which caused problems in my lower back. If I did it a couple nights in a row, my back was jacked by the end of the loop. That's because I was taking care of the guy. I never drilled anybody. Kaz Hayashi would stare at the mat and pull his chin up at the last second and was just masterful at that. I think Kidman tried to to that one time and didn't tuck in time. I can't see what's going on back there, so if you don't tuck your chin, you're on your own. He got pegged a little bit, but he was okay. Someone backstage said I killed him, but I had to see it back," he said.

You can see a video of Rollins and Styles doing the move below.

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