Spoilers: More Details From Last Night's WWE SmackDown Tapings

Thanks to Matt Nestor for the following detailed report from last night's WWE SmackDown tapings:

* WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day kick off SmackDown but are interrupted by The Club. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston is announced for later


Crowd was very excited for both. New Day spoke first recapping everything from Raw. They were doing their tag team champions shtick when Gallows and Anderson interrupted. They said that while the New Day come up with new catchphrases they would take the titles. New Day challenged them to come down but said they wouldn't come down without their pappy AJ. Styles came out and ran down Kofi. He said after 10 years Kofi is still laughing and it's because he is a joke. After Kofi ran down his accomplishments he had a good line saying it's funny because it took over 10 years for AJ to get here. Main event set up.

* Becky Lynch defeated WWE Women's Champion Charlotte in a non-title match by DQ when Dana Brooke interfered. After the match, Natalya and Becky beat Charlotte and Dana down


Good match. Lynch was very over with the crowd. Back and forth on the match and they teased Lynch going for submission several times. The dq was weak. Brooke was coming in to pull Charlotte to the ropes but didn't quite get there and the ref called for the bell. Natalya chased them into the ring but Flair and Brooke escaped through the crowd.

* The Dudley Boyz defeated Goldust and R-Truth, after a ringside distraction fromTyler Breeze and Fandango

Crowd was pretty dead for the match. Golden Truth did get a nice reception before and after the match. Pretty basic. Dudley's control. Hot tag. Distraction causes roll up for D'Von and that is it. Short promo for Breezedango after the match.

* Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio.

Crowd was in to this match. Very good contest. Heels worked over Zayn for a bit. Hot tag to Ambrose and then the heels worked him over. Owens was great on the outside waiting for the perfect moments to interfere and mocking Zayn during the match. Hot tag again to Zayn. Nice set up with Del Rio accidentally kicking Owens off the apron and turning in to the Helluva kick for the pin. Owens pulls out a ladder afterwards and gets ready to climb for the briefcase. Cesaro's music hits and he runs down to the ring and takes Owens out and climbs the ladder and takes down the briefcase. Huge pop for that.


* WWE United States Champion Rusev defeated Jack Swagger. Rusev attacked after the match but Titus O'Neil made the save

Similar to every other Swagger and Rusev match you have seen. Swagger did get in a lot of offense after a quick Rusev win was teased at the beginning after Rusev attacked before the bell. Swagger sat in Rusev's submission for a bit and they really built to the tap out. Crowd was really in to Swagger. Rusev did not let the hold go until O'Neil came down for the save.

* AJ Styles defeated Kofi Kingston in the main event. Styles used a Styles Clash to win while Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Big E and Xavier Woods brawled at ringside

A pretty good match. AJ really toned down the high flying moves being a heel. Kofi got a lot of the high spots. A good back and forth match with Kofi coming across strong. Kofi was distracted by the brawl on the outside. As he came back in the ring Styles hit the Pele kick in a cool looking set up and hit the Styles Clash to win. The Club walked up the ramp and talked trash to end Smackdown.