Stephanie McMahon On "Misperceptions" About WWE, WWE Places $27 Million Bid, WWE - VR

- As noted, Stephanie McMahon and John Cena were at Cannes this week to talk about WWE connecting with audiences over the decades. In the video above, Stephanie was interviewed by Ad Week. During the interview, she talked about "misperceptions" about WWE and noted that one of her jobs was to educate people about the brand.


"It still may not be someone's cup of tea?I mean, we're not going to appeal to everybody," she said. "But it's a heck of a lot of fun. If I can get someone to come to a show, that's the best way for me to sell them on what we are because they experience it. That's our company's mission it to put smiles on people's faces."

- The Drum also spoke to Stephanie McMahon at Cannes, who talked about adding virtual reality content to its media formats.

"We are definitely exploring that content because I have seen some of the early renderings and it is so cool," Stephanie said. "I am a fan first and foremost – you have to be to be in our business and to be able to walk down the ramp and get in a ring and to see your opponent in the ring – it's the most unbelievable experience. I can't wait to see how that unfolds and of course we'll be doing all of our due diligence and research and if it makes sense for us from a business stand point we will continue to evolve that model."


- WWE placed a $27 million bid for the AmeriCares headquarters on Hamilton Avenue, according to The Stamford Advocate. The bid was $3 million above the minimum price set. Seaboard Realty, which is selling the properties, has until 4 p.m. Tuesday to accept or reject the bids.

"An opportunity arose that made sense for us to pursue," WWE said in an emailed statement to The Stamford Advocate on Friday. "If we're successful in the purchase of the building, WWE would become the building's landlord and assumes the previous owner's lease obligations."