Teddy Hart Updates Tyson Kidd's Recovery Process, If He Thinks Kidd Will Return

Teddy Hart is a member of one of the greatest wrestling families in history. The nephew of Bret and Owen Hart, Teddy was brought up with Harry Smith, Natalya, and her eventual husband, Tyson Kidd.

Kidd sustained a devastating injury last year during a dark match against Samoa Joe. Kidd was forced to undergo neck surgery. Reports then emerged that Kidd's situation could have been much worse. Hart opened up to us about Kidd's injury on Wrestling Inc. Live.


"From what I heard, he was never supposed to walk, lucky to live. Lucky to be able to do certain things. I don't think his life will ever fully be the same. He talks about having anxiety. If he's driving down the street and a car hits him at even 20 km/h, his neck (can be decapitated). He walks down the street, slips and falls, it could jar his neck for life," said Hart.

Hart said that Kidd is recovering well, but doesn't think he'll be able to return to the ring. He is also sympathetic to Kidd in that he was marginalized during his WWE run.

"His recovery is going great, but recovery for what? To play video games?," Hart asked. "You took one of the greatest wrestlers ever, right when you started to use him right, but you never let Tyson Kidd grow. All the guys loved him. He's good friends with Johnny Ace, who is a smart cutthroat motherf–ker, and he know Tyson Kidd got a s–tty 7 or 8 years, but he never said anything."


Despite Kidd's rough ride with the WWE, Hart believes that Kidd will still be involved in wrestling.

"He's been extremely smart with his money, I'd bet he's a multi-millionaire already. Buying businesses and things up while he has the money, and you'll see him in wrestling somewhere because he loves the business. He's a big guy in believing in watering the seed and paying it forward." Hart said.

You can check out the full episode of Wrestling Inc. live, where we talk with Hart for nearly an hour about several topics. They include:

- Who he's been negotiating with.
- His sexual assault charges being dropped
- Wanting to fight, but respecting CM Punk (starting at the 16:40 mark)
- How his fight with Punk in TNA happened
- Marijuana in wrestling, and how it could help
- Tyson Kidd's injury update
- If he watches WWE
- His relationship with Bret Hart

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