The Rock's Mom Heeled On At WWE Tapings, Nikolai Volkoff Talks Rusev And Lana, Cameron Update

- In the video above, WWE Legend Nikolai Volkoff talks about being briefly used with Vladimir Kozlov, Rusev and Lana. Volkoff praises Kozlov, saying he was a great wrestler and a good athlete. Volkoff also gave props to Rusev and Lana, and WWE still using the "evil Russian" gimmicks.


- It looks like former WWE Superstar Cameron is moving forward with her acting career. She tweeted the following this week:

- We heard reports of The Rock's mother Ata Johnson sitting ringside for last night's WWE TV tapings in Miami. Based on this tweet from Bubba Ray Dudley to The Rock, it sounds like Bubba heeled on The Great One's mother during the WWE Main Event tapings: