TNA Slammiversary: Bobby Lashley Vs. Drew Galloway (TNA World Heavyweight Title Match)

- The champion is backstage with words for tonight's main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway

We go to the ring and out first comes Bobby Lashley. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway is out next as we get formal ring introductions from JB. The only way to win this match is by knockout or tap out.


Galloway immediately nails a Claymore Kick but there's no pin. Lashley gets an upperhand and they go to the floor. They come back in and Lashley nails a big clothesline. More back and forth. Lashley catches Galloway and spears him. The referee counts Galloway again but he gets up before the 10. Lashley takes Galloway back to the corner and hits him with shoulder thrusts. Lashley runs into boots but hits an overhead suplex. Galloway makes it up before the 10 count again. Lashley applies a cross armbreaker but Galloway fights and breaks it.

More back and forth. Lashley hits a big spinebuster. Lashley with a big suplex. Lashley waits for Galloway to get up and nails him in the corner. Lashley takes Galloway to the top but Galloway counters and slams Lashley to the mat. Drew with a clothesline from the top. Lashley makes it up before the 10 count but Galloway nails another Claymore. Lashley gets up to his feet, leaning against the ropes. Galloway charges but runs into an elbow. Lashley ends up barely getting a spear out of nowhere. They get up and trade shots. Lashley tries for a submission but Galloway fights him off. Galloway with a running big boot to send Lashley over the top.


They go at it on the floor and Lashley slams Drew face first onto the apron. Drew counters and whips Lashley into the steel steps. Galloway brings Lashley up the steel steps and hits a Celtic Cross on top of them. Drew gets up first as the referee counts. Galloway applies a Sharpshooter on top of the steel steps but it's broken by the referee and Lashley falls back to the floor. Galloway with a third Claymore as the referee counts Lashley again. Galloway brings a table over and stands it up on the floor. Galloway lays Lashley on the table and goes back in the ring. Galloway runs the ropes and nails a big dive but Lashley moves and Galloway crashes through the table.

Lashley beats on Galloway some more before leaving him down on the floor. Lashley comes back in as the referee counts. Galloway makes it up at the 9 count and stares Lashley down. Galloway is bleeding from the forehead as he fights back into the ring. Galloway comes off the top rope but Lashley catches him in an armbar. Galloway turns it into a Tombstone and the referee counts with both men down. Galloway gets up first as fans chant "this is awesome" now. Galloway misses a Claymore and Lashley drops him. Lashley applies a submission and Drew passes out to end it.


Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Lashley

- After the match, trainers come in to check on Drew as Lashley takes the title and has his arm raised. We get replays and Slammiversary goes off the air with Lashley and his title.