TNA Slammiversary: Robbie E And Jessie Godderz Vs. The Decay (TNA Tag Team Title Match)

- Backstage promo from The Decay.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Robbie E and Jessie Godderz vs. The Decay

We go to the ring and out comes Robbie E and Jessie Godderz with Raquel. TNA Tag Team Champions Abyss and Crazzy Steve are out next with Rosemary.

Robbie starts off with Steve. Robbie with an early 2 count. Abyss comes in but Robbie takes him to the corner. Abyss runs into an elbow and Robbie mounts him in the corner with right hands. Robbie keeps trying to knock Abyss off his feet but Abyss runs him over. Steve comes back in and beats on Robbie, keeping him grounded. Steve bites Robbie and Abyss comes back in for a minute before tagging back in. Jessie finally gets a tag and turns it around on Steve. Jessie takes Steve to the top and dropkicks Abyss when he runs in. Godderz brings Steve from the top to the mat. Robbie jumps from the top to the floor, taking out both of the champions.

Rosemary comes in and taunts Godderz. He presses her high and tosses her out onto Abyss and Steve on the floor. Godderz brings Abyss back in the ring. Steve knocks Godderz out of mid-air and beats on him before rolling him into Abyss for a 2 count. Abyss with a headbutt and stomps. Steve comes back in and keeps control. Abyss comes back in and runs into a boot. Godderz with a flying shoulder tackle. Robbie finally gets the tag as Steve also comes in. Robbie unloads on Steve and hits the Boom Drop. Jessie comes in for a double team back drop. They celebrate and Abyss runs them over.

Rosemary goes to spit mist at Robbie but it hits Abyss. Abyss accidentally chokeslams Steve. Jessie springboards in and nails Abyss as he realizes what happened. They hit the BroDown and Jessie applies the Crab on Steve. Raquel and Rosemary get involved, leading to Steve nailing Godderz with a title belt. Rosemary takes out Raquel on the floor as a new referee runs down but Godderz kicks out at 2. Steve goes to the top but Robbie pushes him off. Godderz with another Crab on Steve. Abyss breaks it and chokeslams Godderz but it's countered. Abyss knocks Robbie off the apron. Abyss catches Jessie with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss powerbombs Steve onto Godderz for the win.

Winners: The Decay


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