WWE NXT Recap (6/15): Major Match Agreed To, Bayley Update, Authors Of Pain Debut, Andrade, Carmella

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The Authors of Pain (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. C. J. O'Doyle & Sean Piscitelli

This is a one sided drubbing. O'Doyle and Piscitelli get no offense in. The AOP hit a side slam/boot and a Russian Legsweep/clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Authors of Pain via pinfall (clothesline/Russian legsweep)

- Andrade Almas is backstage in suspenders with Cathy Kelley when he's interrupted by Tye Dillinger, who challenges him to a re-match. Almas lowers his suspenders.

- Paul Ellering tells a backstage interviewer that he'll find out what they're doing there in due time.

Carmella vs. Tessa Blanchard

Carmella lands a dropkick and a foot sweep before moonwalking away from the taunting Blanchard. Tessa slams Carmella down by the hair before screaming "How you doin'" for the second time. An abdominal stretch is applied, but Carmella fights out and hits the reverse STO. She applies the Code of Silence for the win.

Winner: Carmella via submission (Code of Silence)

- We see a vignette for the NXT Champion Samoa Joe.

Blake & Murphy vs. TM-61

Blake and Murphy have a lot of miscommunication, and end up paying for it until Murphy clotheslines Thorne out of his boots. Blake and Murphy isolate Thorne in the corner and work him over in the traditional paint-by-numbers tag team style. Thorne makes Blake kick Murphy, then makes Blake clothesline Murphy. Miller goes wild and dominates Blake, then TM-61 hit Thunder Valley for the win.

Winners: TM-61 via pinfall (Thunder Valley)

- Bayley is backstage and says she has a doctor's appointment next week and hopes to be cleared to return.

Tye Dillinger vs. Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Andrade takes the early advantage with a springboard body press, then dropkicks Dillinger out of the ring, but the crowd loves Dillinger. A snap huracanrana sends Dillinger back outside, but Almas spider webs into the ropes. The crowd is still not buying what Andrade is selling. Dillinger comes back with a backbreaker, and then follows up with a series of headbutts to Almas' back. Almas manages a springboard dropkick and wheel kicks Dillinger outside, followed by a twisting plancha. A wheelbarrow bulldog and double knees in the corner get the victory for Andrade Almas.

Winner: Andrade 'Cien' Almas via pinfall (double knees)

- Finn Balor comes out and cuts a passionate promo regarding his future in WWE NXT. He addresses the 'Balor Club' chant. Shinsuke Nakamura interrupts to a big reaction. They exchange a fist bump and Nakamura says Balor became an icon in NXT, even though he's not champion anymore. Nakamura says if he wants to become NXT Champion, he has to become an icon and beat Finn Balor. Balor accepted the proposal and shook Nakamura's hand.


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