Backstage News On WWE's Recent Talks With Cody Rhodes, El Torito Talks WWE Run And Departure

- We noted before that WWE recently had discussions with Cody Rhodes, not for a ring return but likely for some sort of contract similar to WWE's Legends deals. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms that WWE's Mark Carrano recently called Cody about a Legends deal. At last word no new deal had been reached but Cody was said to be upset because their conversation was supposed to be confidential but it ended up all over the internet pretty quickly.


- Former WWE Superstar El Torito recently spoke with Apolo Valdes in Mexico and said he enjoyed his three years with the company, even if he wasn't able to fully show his talent. Torito knew going in that Americans see minis as clowns and not real wrestlers but he did acknowledge that WWE gave him some chances, like with the Royal Rumble. Torito, who noted that Alberto Del Rio was one who stood up for him, also thanked WWE for supporting him while he had to be out of action with knee surgery.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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