Blake And Murphy On Their WWE NXT Status, More On Zack Ryder's New Theme Song, SmackDown Top 10

- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's WWE SmackDown.

- After teaming back up on WWE NXT this week, Blake and Murphy spoke to about their status as a tag team at this link. Murphy commented:

"Our status is unknown at this time! I'm here in NXT for greatness! And last year, Blake & Murphy were greatness. But as of late, things haven't been there. Blake's accidents keep costing us wins. If I can't win with him, I'll win by myself, and that NXT Title would be nice around my waist!"

- Justin Call of the band Downstait tweeted the following on how Zack Ryder's new WWE theme song came to be, noting that the song was created three years ago and Ryder actually asked WWE to use it, recently receiving permission.


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