Brad Maddox On If He Will Guest GM RAW, His Release Last Year, John Cena Being Like Michael Jordan

Today Rebels SpartaCon presents Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling featuring former WWE RAW General Manager, Brad Maddox. After a breakout performance as a crooked referee to shockingly becoming the General Manager of Monday Night RAW, WWE fans watched Brad Maddox's on-air career develop weekly as he verbally tangled with the likes of Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and CM Punk. The much deeper story is that of a very skilled wrestler who had deep roots within WWE's developmental system and who never got the chance to become the superstar in the ring that he did by becoming one of the strongest non wrestling performers WWE has had on their active roster over the last five years. You can download this episode as well as all of our prior episodes at this link.


His abrupt release last November:

"Mine was specifically for one incident and I had actually developed a good relationship with Vince and we just hadn't found an idea that we both agreed on and thought would stick so we were still working to do some stuff but I wasn't planning on being released that week. "

The actual incident:

"It was because I called the Indianapolis crowd "pricks". I guess with Vince that is a really bad word to him. I didn't think anything of it and it's probably worse if you are from like New York in the (19)50s but I didn't think anything of it and he did and I got a talking to that night and I got sent home and then they called me the next day and said that they decided and made the decision. I don't know why the decision was so harsh. Everyone agreed that it was a terrible word to say but it was a dark match and nobody was watching it so it wasn't any sort of issue on a social media platform but it is what it is."


Did he talk to Vince the night of the dark match incident?

"No, I didn't talk to Vince because he wouldn't see me. It was talent relations that came and reported what was coming out of his mouth. I tried to talk to him that night and he didn't want to see me so I didn't get a chance to defend myself."

Did he take on the RAW GM role thinking he would become such a successful on air character?:

"I didn't really appreciate the role when I was in it. Looking back on it I took for granted being on the same stage as Vince and Hunter and Stephanie, Paul Heyman and the biggest names in the industry. I don't really think I appreciated or took advantage of it. I was constantly fighting for getting back in the ring which Vince didn't see for me and maybe because he didn't know my background so well and I was always kind of pushing to wrestle and I wanted to do a deeper character. I had fun playing like the "Michael Scott" from "The Office" and I don't know how much the writers really appreciated what I did and I kind of felt unappreciated in my role that I did play but I did not take advantage of what I had at the time. "

Does he expect to be called to come in with the former GMs to guest star on RAW:


"God, I hope not."

Are the right guys in the right spots on the current WWE roster:

"I'm not up to date but I do think for the most part they are going to go with the guys that they think are going to make money for their company and that makes sense to me. Guys like John Cena are clear cut the most talented guy on the roster and he is just the total package and such a hard worker. I think that they are pretty much doing a good job of putting up who needs to go up there. "

John Cena as a locker room leader:

"I think he is the perfect guy to be at the top. He's nice to everyone and he'll take the time to talk to everyone and will give you his two cents and it's like having Michael Jordan on your team because you can't out work John Cena so I don't think there could be anyone better to lead the locker room than him. He's always ready and willing and able to stand up on behalf of the "boys" or on behalf of the office. He plays it fair and both ways in every time that I have seen. I think he does well in his spot and it is well earned."

Rumored heat with Randy Orton:

"I don't think there is any heat with me and Randy Orton. I gave out a story in my last interview because the guy just wanted some dirt. Randy is cool. He's not John Cena but he will always talk to you and I've had some good conversations with Randy and he's never turned me down when I ask his opinion or asked him a question. He's another guy that you can go to too. There is not anything wrong with his leadership either."


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