Brock Lesnar Victorious In His UFC Return, WWE Reacts

Brock Lesnar returned to MMA tonight at UFC 200 and made his mark by dominating a top 10 UFC heavyweight.

Lesnar, who last found at UFC 141 on December 30, 2011, managed to utilize his game and defeat Mark Hunt via unanimous decision. Lesnar dominate the first and third rounds, while Hunt took the second. Lesnar won the fight with scores of 29-27. With the victory, Lesnar's MMA record improves to 6-3 while Hunt falls to 12-11-1.


After the fight, Lesnar admitted that it took a little while to get acclimated in the cage. As for what's next, Lesnar said that he's taking it "one day at a time" before thanking the great men and women in uniform. Lesnar then said, "from one white boy to all nationalities, we've got to stand together, people!"

Lesnar's wife Rena, f.k.a. Sable, then entered the cage to celebrate with Brock.

WWE quickly responded to Brock's win with this tweet:

Below is the playback for the fight from our UFC 200 coverage by David Bixenspan:

Heavyweight: Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt (#8)

Round 1: Patient start for both with only slight feinting. Low kick by Brock. Brock looks completely different physically from his first UFC run and is already turning red. Takedown attempt, no luck, they're on the cage, and down. And up! Dan Miragliotta needs to call a break?right as I type that Brock gets hunt down and into side control. Hunt turns?giving up his back? Brock clearly trying to conserve energy and not unload too much?but he opens up?and Hunt gets up! Brock shoots, almost eats an uppercut, takedown to Bock mount! WrestlingInc goes 10-9 Lesnar.

Round 2: Hunt needs to jab and he does. Brock blocks an overhand right. I can't believe this is in the second round. Hunt jab connects barely. Hunt sprawls on a shot. Here we go! AND ANOTHER! Brock doing a good job keeping Hunt from landing cleanly when he throws. Hunt stuffs another takedown. Hunt subtly pressuring now as Brock is tiring. Hunt starting to find his range in a sense, not quite landing clean. Brock shoots on the cage. Clinching. Not getting Hunt down. And the round is over. 10-9 Hunt since he's the only one to actually land any kind of offense, 19-19 so far. Next round takes it. or a finish, of course.

Round 3: Hunt tags Brock with a right?then Brock gets a takedown to almost mount?some punches but Brock not posturing up so Hunt is defending well. Hunt not trying to buck Lesnar and Lesnar is holding a loose half guard now. Hunt actually throwing a lot from bottom and he regains half guard. Brock going for the arm triangle?or not. Back to mount. Lots of short, hard shorts. You realize how heavy Brock is on top when you consider Hunt's propensity to buck guys off well. Hunt finally gets to half guard and tries a getup, but there's no time. 10-8 Lesnar, 29-27 Lesnar. Clear decision win for him, question is how exactly the judges score the third and to an extent the second.

Official decision: Brock Lesnar defeats Mark Hunt by unanimous decision (29-27 on all three cards).

Brock looks even redder than he does in PPV matches. Brock gives a shout out to American military. "From one white boy, to all nationalities, we all gotta stand together, people!" That was new. And now he's kissing his wife, who Mike Goldberg just called "Sable" and not Rena or even "the former Sable in WWE."