Cameron Talks Meeting Vince McMahon For The First Time During Their RAW Segment, Thoughts On Vince

I recently interviewed former WWE star Ariane Andrew, f.k.a. Cameron. During the interview, which will be posted next week, Cameron talked about her time with WWE, Total Divas, her infamous Melina vs. Alicia Fox quote and more. She also talked about meeting Vince McMahon for the first time, and revealed that it was when she did the segment in the video above with him.

"I met him the first time we had to do, we had to do that segment with him on RAW live," Ariane said. "That was the first time I met him. So it was like meeting Vince for the first time and you have to do a segment live."

Despite being released by the company this past May, Ariane had nothing put praise when talking about her former boss.

"I respect that man so much," Ariane said of Vince. "He's like a beast. He is such a great business man. And also too when we'd get back after the show, this guy goes to the gym after a long RAW then wakes up early in the morning and repeats. It's just like wow. Like, that's why he's really strict about people being in shape because he's like, 'if I can do that, then why can't you?' So I respect him for that."

Make sure to check back next week for our interview with Ariane.


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