Daniel Bryan Talks WWE CWC, If He Had Any Booking Influence, Wanting Brian Kendrick To Win, More

Daniel Bryan recently took part in a media conference call to promote the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Below are some highlights, which you can listen to in the video above courtesy of Planeta Wrestling:


* On his feelings that Brian Kendrick could win the Cruiserweight Classic, Bryan believes it's all up to Kendrick. In this 32-man format, the best don't always win, but he'd like to see him win because they are friends.

* When discussing his preferred style of wrestler in this tournament, Daniel said that he likes a mixture of styles. If he watches one thing for too long, he loses interest and that's what's great about the CWC. In some matches, we'll see high-flying action, others we'll see great technical wrestling, and in others we'll see brutal hard-hitting matches. If he could only watch one type of match for the rest of his life, he would watch the style of Zack Sabre, Jr which is a mixture of technical wrestling combined with old-school techniques and a modern-day arsenal.


* Daniel noted that he did not have any decision-making power in the booking of the tournament.

* On whether or not any of the CWC participants could have a WrestleMania moment like his at WrestleMania 30, Bryan believes they absolutely could and he credits the WWE for finding 32 of the top wrestlers from around the world to compete in the CWC.