Dean Ambrose Still The WWE Champion, Decision Announced On WWE Network After RAW

Seth Rollins apparently became the new WWE Champion after defeating Dean Ambrose in the main event of tonight's RAW from Providence, Rhode Island.

The finish to the match was screwy as it was not clear at first who got the pin after a referee bump. RAW ended with Stephanie McMahon announcing Rollins as the champion and RAW went off the air with Rollins holding the title and celebrating.

UPDATE: It was announced on the WWE Network that the match ended in a Draw as the referee reviewed a replay and saw that Ambrose and Rollins had their shoulders down. Ambrose goes into Battleground with the title.

After the announcement, Rollins attacked Ambrose and had the WWE Title but the segment went off the air with Ambrose laying Rollins out with Dirty Deeds.


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