Eric Bischoff On WWE Speculation, X-Pac On Kevin Nash And Scott Hall Locking Bischoff In A Closet

- Sean Waltman, f.k.a. X-Pac, recently visited The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, as seen in the video above. During the interview, Waltman talked about Eric Bischoff firing him as a way to straighten out his Kliq buddies, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. According to Waltman, Nash and Hall responded by locking Bischoff in a broom closet.


"They brought him into the broom closet and they put a latch on the door," Waltman said. "They kind of intimidated him. I don't, I probably shouldn't say exactly what happened... I wasn't really there, but I guess they were really pissed off. Let's put it this way, it backfired.

"I love Eric, he's awesome. He had to be that way... well, not all they way that way."

- Speaking of Bischoff, we noted that he seemed to shoot down the idea of once again being an on-screen WWE General Manager over the weekend, writing on Twitter that it was "not going to happen." Bischoff was the RAW General Manager from 2002-2005, and seemed to later soften his stance about returning to the company in that role, writing, "Stay tuned....its @WWE. Anything can happen."


That led to speculation online that Bischoff might be returning to WWE for the brand split. Bischoff clarified his comments, writing: