Jim Ross On If He Has Issues With Dolph Ziggler Earning WWE Title Shot, AJ Styles Losing The Fall

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including his thoughts on WWE not punishing Brock Lesnar for his UFC 200 drug test failures, Corey Graves on RAW, SmackDown, Shelton Benjamin returning to WWE and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

Dolph Ziggler getting WWE Championship title shot at SummerSlam:

"Unlike many, I had no issue with Dolph Ziggler earning a shot at Dean Ambrose's WWE Title at Summer Slam. Was Ziggler primed and ready for the #1 contender role? Obviously, not but fans have been clamoring for Dolph to be put in the game and there is no doubt that Ziggler and Ambrose will have a superb main event level bout in Brooklyn. While I respect the opinion of others, unlike many keyboard warriors, I submit Ziggler is a favorite of many fans who can deliver a great bout and who can have his TV persona enhanced in the next couple of weeks."

AJ Styles losing the fall:

"Not sure why WWE selected AJ Styles to lose the fall in the Smackdown main event. Arguments can be made either way but beating AJ would not have been the way I would have gone based on what little I know about the lay of the WWE/SD landscape. However, unlike some others who cover the biz, I likely won't lose any sleep over it one way or another."

Finn Balor's WWE RAW debut:

"Enjoyed the way WWE debuted newcomer Finn Balor who made a remarkable impact on this first night on RAW. The way Balor was introduced reminded me of the way Bill Watts introduced some key talents on Mid South Wrestling back in the day. There is no reason that Balor and Rollins shouldn't have a helluva performance at Summer Slam even though Balor is a newbie to many WWE fans who all don't watch NXT."

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