Kevin Owens On If His Tattoo Is For The Rock, Watch Battleground & SummerSlam For Free, Cody Rhodes

- Above is a video of Kevin Owens appearing on the premiere of the second season of Superstar Ink with Corey Graves. During the interview, Owens said that while he's a huge fan of The Rock, the bull tattoo on his arm is because he's a Taurus, which is Latin for "the Bull." He also talked about the tattoos on his fingers being for his grandfathers, who passed away within a year of each other before Owens signed with WWE. He said that if he had one regret, it was not making it to WWE before his grandfathers passed away. Owens was also asked if he would get a tattoo for his children. Owens noted that his son's interests are always changing, but the one constant he's had is John Cena so he might have to get a Cena tattoo.

- WWE Battleground is this Sunday. New subscribers who sign up for the WWE Network will get their first month for free, which includes Battleground and WWE SummerSlam on August 21st. You can subscribe to the WWE Network by clicking here.

- Cody Rhodes will be making his WCPW debut against Doug Williams on October 6th. You can purchase tickets at


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