Lucha Underground Exec Rips TNA Creative, WWE HOFer Praises "The Final Deletion", Watch The Match

- Above is the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy "Final Deletion" match from this past Tuesday's episode of Impact Wrestling, that has been getting a lot of attention.

- Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen ripped TNA creative on Twitter after the show. He wrote:


Van Wagenen walked back on his comments later, tweeting:

- While Van Wagenen was not a fan of the show, Mick Foley was a big fan of the segment. Foley wrote on Facebook:


Have you seen it? Love it or hate it, it has people talking – and this meme, from ?#?WrestlingLoL? had me popping!vYou HAVE to admire Matt Hardy's level of commitment to his character and TNA's for that matter. No dipping their toe in the shallow end here; they dove right in! I'm still not quite sure what it is I saw, but I do know that I will never forget it. ?#?TheFinalDeletion? had me laughing in some places, cringing in others, worrying about the state of Jim Cornette's heart in a couple specific instances – and just staring open-eyed in astonishment at others. I truly enjoyed this unique viewing experience, but, despite the probability that I will quote from it, wear T-shirts from it, borrow memes from it, and pronounce the word "over" with an "ah"....OVAH... for years to come – hope nothing like it is ever attempted again.

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