Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson On What Shinsuke Nakamura Said Backstage At WWE Live Event In Tokyo

Above is another video featuring The Club – this time without AJ Styles – talking about wrestling at last night's WWE live event at Ryougoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Karl Anderson talked about how the arena was his absolute "one or two" favorite places to work, and noted that he once wrestled in a main event at the arena that was sold out.


Luke Gallows noted that it was "surreal" entering the arena they way they used to from the New Japan bus, but then getting off and seeing the WWE signs leading them through the hall. He added that seeing the WWE ring in the arena was like "deja vu" and "very surreal."

Anderson said that he gave Shinsuke Nakamura a hug in the hallway and asked if he was OK, and Nakamura simply replied, "strange."

"It's different, it's awesome, man," Anderson said of returning to the arena. "It's beautiful."