News On If Brock Lesnar Can Wrestle At WWE SummerSlam If He Is Suspended By The NSAC

On Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required), Dave Meltzer suggested it's possible Brock Lesnar's appearance at Summerslam in Brooklyn, New York, on August 21 could be in jeopardy if he is suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, because the New York State Athletic Commission, which regulates pro wrestling, may recognize that suspension for pro wrestling as well as MMA.

Athletic commissions will often recognize the suspensions of each other's states. A few states such as New York, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, still regulate pro wrestling right alongside boxing and MMA.

Despite its claims that it presents "sports entertainment" and its avoidance of using the term "pro wrestling", WWE still carries a promoters license to run events in New York. Event Services Inc., which is a subsidiary of WWE is listed as a licensed promoter on the New York State Athletic Commission's website.

Does this mean the New York State Athletic Commission might prevent Lesnar from performing at Summerslam in Brooklyn, if Nevada gives him a two-year suspension (the USADA penalty for taking performance-enhancing drugs)?

Someone who interacts with representatives from the New York State Athletic Commission regularly at independent pro wrestling events told us he believes if Lesnar was suspended by Nevada, the New York State Athletic Commission may be able to suspend him from participating in professional MMA in New York, but would not be able to prevent him from doing pro wrestling, because pro wrestlers in New York don't carry individual licenses. Only promoters are required to be licensed in New York. Nor does the NYSAC have any drug testing policy currently in place for pro wrestlers that Lesnar could be infringing upon.

The source said a NYSAC representative once told him the commission can't do much to penalize wrestlers. For example, the commission doesn't allow pro wrestlers to fight in the crowd (at least on independent shows; this rule doesn't appear to be enforced at WWE events). If wrestlers fight in the crowd, the NYSAC will threaten penalties to the promoter of the event, but the commission can only penalize the promoter and not the wrestlers involved, because only the promoters are required to carry a license and the wrestlers are not. It seems it would follow that the NYSAC couldn't prevent Lesnar from performing at Summerslam in Brooklyn, because he has no pro wrestler's license to suspend. Whether the NYSAC would penalize WWE's promoter's license for allowing a suspended MMA fighter to participate in pro wrestling on its event remains to be seen. contacted the New York State Athletic Commission by way of the New York Department of State for comment on this matter, but has not yet received a response.

Brock Lesnar is currently scheduled to face Randy Orton at WWE Summerslam in Brooklyn, New York, on August 21.