News On If Cesaro WWE Rant Was A Shoot, Inside The Draft Video, Mick Foley On The Draft

- WWE posted the "Inside The Draft" video above looking at the talents that were drafted on last night's show. It was noted that SummerSlam opponents Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton were drafted to different shows, with Lesnar being drafted to RAW and Orton to SmackDown.

- As noted earlier, Cesaro vented during an interview with JoJo about being drafted to RAW and the amount of focus being placed on Commissioners and General Managers, which you can watch above. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer noted that the interview was not a work. When asked if the interview was scripted or a shoot, Meltzer replied:

- Mick Foley commented on last night's WWE Draft, calling it "an amazing night" in a Facebook post. Foley also thanked the fans and asked them for their feedback:


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