ROH TV Best Of 2016: Bobby Fish Title Win, Kingdom Vs. ReDragon Vs. Young Bucks, Tanahashi, Briscoes

Welcome to Ring of Honor TV! Kevin Kelly welcomes us via voiceover to milestone episode 250, where we're still recuperating from Best in the World 2016. We're reminded we can order the replay of Best in the World at


Tonight's episode will feature some of the best matchups from 2016 thus far.

Global Wars ? ROH TV Championship: Bobby Fish vs. Tomohiro Ishii (c)

Fish reaches in for the handshake but Ishii refuses as the crowd is split. Shoulder check from Ishii early on, only to be met with one from Fish moments later. Ishii throws Bobby into the ropes but Fish slides to the outside and says it's' his time.

Split chants again as both men look to lock up. Fish with kicks to the legs and chest but Ishii asks for more. He gets what he wants, as Fish lands strikes on Ishii and backs him into the corner. Bobby plays to the crowd and Ishii is back up to get the upper hand on Fish now. He takes control with strong chops in the corner, and now Bobby comes back with strikes of his own until Ishii drops him with another chop to the chest.


Ishii is firmly in control now and lays Fish out with a headbutt in the corner. Ishii places Fish up on the second turnbuckle and Fish starts fighting back. Ishii goes for a superplex but Fish counters and throws him down to the mat. Fish with the diving headbutt and misses as Ishii rolls out of the way. Ishii is up and goes after a grounded Bobby Fish only to walk into a hurricanrana. Fish now with a big kick to the head and he gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

We're back as Fish hits an exploder suplex on Ishii for another near fall. Fish with a clothesline but Ishii doesn't budge, retaliating with a headbutt square into Bobby's chest as both men fall to the mat. Ishii brings Fish back to the second turnbuckle again and hits a delayed superplex on Fish for a 2 count.

Ishii misses the sliding lariat on Fish but nails a powerbomb instead only to have Fish kick out again at 2. Ishii goes for another suplex but Fish counters and hits a flying knee. Both men still on their feet and Bobby jumps on Ishii for the sleeper hold until he is driven head first into the second turnbuckle. Both wrestlers up now and Ishii with a monster German suplex out of nowhere!

Back from the replay and now Bobby has a sleeper on Ishii from the apron. Both men on the apron now and Fish taunts Ishii as they trade elbows. Ishii with a chop to the throat and Fish drops to the ground. Fish is up and as Ishii goes to grab him, Bobby kicks Ishii right off the apron onto the floor.


Bobby slides in the ring just soon enough to beat the 20 count and the champion and challenger trade strikes. Bobby eats a clothesline but kicks out at two. Fish counters the suplex again and locks on the sleeper hold. A desperate Ishii tries to fight out but Bobby reigns elbows down on the champ. Ishii tries to throw Bobby off of him, but Fish rolls forward and keeps the sleeper locked on for the rear naked choke. The referee checks on Ishii and he is out cold. Bobby Fish is your new ROH TV Champion!

Winner via ref stoppage and NEW ROH TV Champion: Bobby Fish

We're back and we go to the ROH 14th Anniversary Show for tag team action.

The Briscoes vs. Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Jay and Michael lock up early and trade fists until Elgin slows things down with a shoulder tackle. Jay back up and fighting but Elgin shows his strength with a gorilla press slam. Elgin places Jay up for a delayed vertical suplex but Mark is in to try and break things up. Tanahashi runs in and takes control of Mark until both Elgin and Tanahashi hit simultaneous suplexes on the Brisoces. Both men flex for the crowd.

Tanahashi and Mark Briscoe are in now and trade poses until Tanahashi takes control with an arm drag. Mark takes out Tanahashi and Elgin in the same corner and fights his way to Jay for some assistance and the tag. Mark hits the running Blockbuster off the apron on Michael Elgin and Jay follows up with a spinning forearm to drop Tanahashi.


Back from a replay and Mark tags back in to keep control of Tanahashi with a Russian leg sweep. Jay in again and connects with a running boot on Tanahashi in the corner. We go to commercial break.

We return with Tanahashi and Mark Briscoe recovering on the mat. Tanahashi is up first and tags in Elgin, who comes flying in off the top rope for a headbutt on a standing Mark Briscoe. Mark is up and fights back but Elgin takes out both Briscoe brothers. Elgin now with double German suplexes on Mark until Jay comes to save his brother, only to catch a German suplex for his trouble.

Mark jumps off the top rope at Michael Elgin, who catches him in mid air and hits a massive inverted side slam. The crowd chats "this is awesome" and Tanahashi is back in the ring to throw out Jay. Mark fights Tanahashi and Elgin but gets caught for an elbow and German suplex combo. Jay is in now with a boot to Tanahashi in the turnbuckle. Jay tries to take Elgin out but can't take advantage, and is kicked out of the ring. Mark on the attack now as Elgin is seated on the top turnbuckle. Mark tosses Elgin off the turnbuckle and Jay hits a big splash from the top rope for the 2 count.

Briscoes in control of Elgin with headbutts but Mark is launched clear out of the ring by Elgin. Jay and Elgin go back and forth and Big Mike drops Jay with an elbow. Tanahashi tagged in now who fights back the double team with low dropkicks. Tanahashi is feeling it, but Jay hits a forearm to take control. Urinagi on Tanahashi from Mark followed by a neckbreaker by Jay, setting up for a successful Froggy Bow by Mark. Jay keeps Elgin out and Mark covers but Tanahashi kicks out at 2!


Michael Elgin is back in the ring now and he picks up Jay Briscoe, hitting a fireman's carry on the two time world champ into his own brother on the bottom turnbuckle. Tanahashi is now sitting up on Elgin's shoulders, and Elgin flips the New Japan legend onto Mark for a near fall as Jay break up the count.

Elgin tosses Jay out of the ring, and Tanahashi hits the Slingblade on Mark. Elgin picks up and hits Mark with a powerbomb, and Tanahashi flies off the top rope for the High Fly Flow and the win.

Winners via pinfall: Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

We're back from the break with clips of Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle in a Fight Without Honor. Dalton wins the brutal match with a Bangarang face first onto steel chairs.

ROH TV Street Fight ? The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Adam Cole) vs. ReDragon vs. Young Bucks

As ReDragon makes their way to the ring, the Young Bucks ambush them from behind, and hit the ring to give everybody a Superkick, including ring announcer Bobby Crews.

Crowd chants Young Bucks but ReDragon unload on Matt Jackson. Double team takes Matt out until Bennett and Cole enter the ring and go after the former tag champs. O'Reilly sends Cole over the top rope and Bennett is tossed onto the apron. Fish over onto the apron now and Bobby Fish jumps off onto Adam Cole and Matt Jackson on the floor, clearing the turnbuckle with a front flip onto both men. O'Reilly now with an armbar on Bennett using the ropes to lend the assist, which is all legal in this match. Nick Jackson in the ring and he jumps over Bennett and Kyle to take out Fish, Matt, and Cole with crash and burn.


Cole in with a chair on O'Reilly and the Kingdom take control. Mat Jackson is set up on a chair by Adam Cole but Matt counters, smashing a cornered Cole with a chair. Nick Jackson with a Superkick on O'Reilly as we go to break.

Back now and Matt Jackson has Adam Cole in a shopping cart. Matt wheels him down the ramp into a Superkick from Nick Jackson! O'Reilly now with a double stomp onto Bennett on the outside. ReDragon with the double team leg sweep, followed by the Double Dragon on Nick.

Cole and Bennett have a ladder now, and manage to connect on ReDragon and the Young Bucks. Adam Cole channels his inner Terry Funk and swings the ladder around, taking out the Bucks and posing for the crowd. ReDragon in now with chairs, hitting the ladder at the same time and shaking up Cole who falls to the floor. ReDragon backs Cole into the corner and sets him up for a double team backbreaker and chair smash with O'Reilly driving the chair onto Cole's head from the second rope.

ReDragon trying to take out Bennett but the Young Bucks pull Fish out of the ring. Bennett with a spinebuster on O'Reilly onto a ladder that was sitting on top of two chairs! Young Bucks in now with chair shots to Fish and Bennett. Matt Jackson powerbombs Bennett right through the ladder, and then Nick hits a Swanton on Bennett who is still on the ladder. More Bang for Your Buck on Bennett but Cole pulls out the ref before 3.


Nick Jackson with a Superkick out of nowhere on Kevin Kelly! Complete chaos and everyone is down after a series of chair shots and superkicks before we go to our final break.

We return with Bennett on the outside, and ReDragon hits Chasing the Dragon on Bennett! Cole tries to leave but O'Reilly chases him up the ramp.

Fish is left to fend off the Bucks on his own and drives Nick and Matt into opposite corners. Fish to the outside now where he spears Bennett through a table! Crowd chants ROH and the Young Bucks take control of Fish, hitting a double Superkick on Bobby who falls from the apron through a table. Nick Jackson with a Frog Splash on Fish onto the floor.

The Young Bucks bring Bennett into the ring and sit him on a chair. They put a party hat on his head and set up for the Superkicks, but Maria comes in with double low blows on the Bucks! Bennett with a chair and out comes AJ Styles. Styles takes out Bennett with Bloody Sunday, and Maria is annihilated with the Indie Taker.

Indie Taker on Bennett with an assist from Styles, followed by the set up to the Styles Clash. Double Superkicks followed by the Styles Clash on Bennett and the Young Bucks get the win.

Winners via pinfall: The Young Bucks


Kevin Kelly says he's getting too old for Superkick parties. Thanks for joining us, and next week we return with a Tag Team Title Main Event!