ROH TV Recap: The Addiction Defends Tag Titles, Live Fish Tank, New World Title Top Contender

Welcome to the first new episode of ROH TV since Best in the World 2016! Kevin Kelly welcomes us to Concord, NC where he is alongside Nigel McGuinness for Ring of Honor Wrestling. Jason Kincaid dashes out to the ring to start the show, followed by 2015 Top Prospect Tournament winner Donovan Dijak, accompanied by Prince Nana, for our first match of the evening.

Jason Kincaid vs. Donovan Dijak (w/ Prince Nana)

Both men trade words during the handshake and the bell rings. Dijak backs Kincaid into the corner with ease and poses for the crowd. Dijak in complete control, as we're informed by Kevin Kelly that Bobby Fish will host a live 'Fish Tank' tonight with potential #1 contenders Mark Briscoe and ACH.

Dijak goes after Kincaid in the corner, but Kincaid dodges and hits a sitting-prayer pose as he stares at Dijak from the mat. Donovan attempts a boot to the head of Jason but Kincaid counters and springs up to land a series of kicks on Dijak.

Kincaid with a knuckle-lock as he attempts to jump from the top rope into a huricanrana. He misses, as Dijak manages to catch him with ease and toss him out of the ring. Both men on the outside now and Dijak goes for the suplex on the floor but Kincaid counters. Kincaid now up on the apron and hits a diving facebuster on Dijak to the floor! We go to commercials as Kincaid is fired up.

Back from the break and Kincaid dives to the outside through the middle ropes, only to get caught and tossed into the barricade! Dijak throws Kicaid in the ring and covers lazily for the two as Nana argues with fans at ringside.

Donovan has Kincaid in his arms now and drives knees into his side before tossing him halfway across the ring. Dijak up on the top turnbuckle and misses the elbow drop on Kincaid, who rolls out of the way just in time. Kincaid now with a double stomp, followed by a springboard neckbreaker. He sets Dijak up on the apron and hits a flipping double stomp over the top rope! Incredible!

As Dijak reels on the outside, Kincaid once again jumps out of the ring to hit a roll through powerbomb on Dijak into the Barricade to return the favor from earlier in the match!

Back in the ring now and Kincaid gets the 2 count following a top rope springboard tornado DDT. Jason Kincaid is putting on a show and the crowd is completely behind him, but Dijak manages to take control again and places Kincaid on his shoulders as he heads to the second turnbuckle. Kincaid fights out and balances on the top of the ring post to hit Grave of the Fireflies! Only a 2-count, and Kincaid locks in an armbar submission hold on Dijak's right arm.

Dijak reaches the bottom rope with his foot to break the hold, and Kincaid follows up by going to the top. Donovan Dijak once again catches Kincaid and hits Feast Your Eyes for the 3 count and the win!

Winner: Donovan Dijak

Prince Nana tells us we just witnessed the biggest, baddest man in ROH, represented by the greatest manager in ROH history. Both men celebrate the win as we head to break.

ACH cuts a promo about how his career in ROH is a song that is still being written, and it can't be complete until he wins the TV Title. He reminds Fish that ACH stands for "Always Crushing Hopes."

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Addiction vs. Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser

We get highlights of Silas and Bruiser winning this tag title opportunity at Tag Wars 2016 as they make their way to the ring. The Addiction is out next flaunting their newly won tag titles before we go to Bobby Crews for the official introductions.

Christopher Daniels rips the crowd before the match and tells them they're glad to be facing "real men," unlike the Motor City Machine Guns.

The bell rings and Kazarian and Silas start the action. Both men trade holds and counter suplex attempts from one another, only to trade a series of roll-ups and backslide pin attempts before facing off with each other in the middle of the ring.

Kazarian and Young both go to kick each other in the abdomen but catch one another's legs. Funny segment as both wrestlers argue while hobbling on one leg, agreeing to put each other down at the same time before slowly backing away, only to quickly pummeling one another moments later.

Beer City Bruiser kicks Kazarian in the back from the outside while the ref is distracted by Daniels, leading Daniels to jump in the ring and get taken out by Young. Double team now by the challengers on Kazarian and Young covers for a kick out at 1.

Daniels tags in and we get a double team backbreaker STO combo on Young. Beer City Bruiser once again with the assist from the apron, and now the challengers have Daniels isolated in the corner. We're reminded that in two weeks, Kyle O'Reilly will get a World Title shot against ROH Champion Jay Lethal.

Bruiser crushing the tag champs from corner to corner and he hits a cannonball on Daniels! The Almighty Christopher Daniels is pleading with Bruiser to let him go, but no sell. Kazarian tries to interfere but catches a fist from Bruiser for his troubles as we go to commercial break.

We return with a promo from Mark Briscoe, who addresses ACH and tells him that "chicken ain't no stranger to gold" as he holds up his IWGP Tag Team Title. He says he's coming for the #1 Contender spot and the ROH TV Title.

Back to the action and Beer City Bruiser crushes Kazarian to the floor, giving him just enough time to crawl over for the tag. Silas Young in now and he takes out both men, followed by a backbreaker lariat combination on Kazarian for the two count. Big boot to a downed Kazarian and Silas with the cutter! Daniels breaks up the pin just before the count of three.

Bruiser is nowhere to be found and Silas Young cannot overcome the double team very long. Near fall on Young but miscommunication leads to Young finding just enough time to reach his corner where Bruiser is waiting for the hot tag! Bruiser levels The Addiction with double clotheslines and he gets pumped. The Addiction back Bruiser into the corner where they lift him onto the top rope. Young with the save and he tosses Daniels out of the ring.

Silas hits Misery on Kazarian, but Daniels is back in now and lands Angel's Wings on Young! Daniels up to the top tope for a superplex attempt on Bruiser, but Bruiser fights him off. Bruiser misses the frog splash from the top rope and hits the mat, giving Daniels time to hit the BME on Bruiser. Kazarian with a leg drop and Daniels holds Young out of the ring long enough for Kazarian and The Addiction to get the 3 and the win.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Addiction

Kyle O'Reilly with a promo about how much he respects Jay Lethal for honoring his challenge for the ROH World Championship. He says this time we'll find out who the best in the world really is.

Live Fish Tank Segment w/ Bobby Fish

Ring of Honor World Television Champion Bobby Fish welcomes everyone to a live edition of 'The Fish Tank.' He calls himself the undisputed king of ROH, citing his incredible work ethic and the fact that maybe God just likes him more as reasons for his kingship. But tonight is about the two men who will fight for the chance to face the king for his title at Death Before Dishonor. Bobby invites ACH and Mark Briscoe out to the ring.

Both men make their way to the center of the ring and Fish welcomes both of his potential challengers to the Fish Tank. Mark Briscoe with a mic and he says he wants to know what ACH's initials actually stand for. Bobby Fish says that if Mark has any guesses, the floor is his.

Mark's first guess is American Child Hero, because ACH "looks like a 14-year old boy who's been eating grilled cheese all morning." Some more guesses until he finally lands on "Ass Cheeks Huge."

ACH is not amused at all, and he says his legacy starts with winning the ROH TV Title. Unfortunately, that means he has to crush Mark's dreams, and tonight, ACH stands for Annihilating Chicken's Hopes. Bobby Fish says enough talk, and suggests we get this match started. Both men quickly oblige and the bell rings before we go to break.

ACH vs. Mark Briscoe (ROH World TV Championship #1 Contender's Match)

Back from the commercial and both men tie up in the ring, sizing each other up before Mark takes control with a side headlock. ACH powers himself up to his feet and both men trade arm drags before ACH takes control of Briscoe's left arm. Mark backs ACH into the corner and lands a hard chop. Irish whip to the opposite turnbuckle but ACH rolls Mark up for a near fall. Now ACH connects with a big dropkick after a double backflip to fire up the crowd.

ACH looks for the dive to the outside, but Mark runs for cover before he takes flight. As ACH steps onto the apron, Mark pulls him to the floor. Mark looks for the Cactus Jack dive from the apron and misses when ACH dodges, allowing him to toss Briscoe into the ring post.

With Mark on the ground, ACH makes a lap around the ring and runs onto the apron full speed, swinging around the ring post and hitting a hurricanrana on Mark Briscoe on the outside! Unbelievable athleticism as ACH rolls Mark into the ring for another hurricanrana and a two count. ACH and Mark trade blows and Mark hits a dropkick on ACH, who attempts and fails to dive from the apron into the ring through the middle and top rope. We go to our final break.

Back to the match as ACH lands a spinning clothesline into the corner on Mark before hitting another clothesline and lifting himself back up with a handstand. Snap German suplex into the bridge for a two count on Mark. "Man Up" chants from the crowd and Mark counters the suplex attempts from ACH. Mark with a suplex of his own and both men are down as the ref counts.

Both men up before 10 and they trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Loud chops by both competitors and Mark tries to land a boot that gets caught by ACH. ACH flips Mark but Mark responds with a Pele kick! Mark now smashing ACH's head into all four corners before setting him up on the top turnbuckle, but ACH kicks him away. ACH back to the floor but Briscoe catches him for a half-exploder suplex and the two.

Mark sets ACH up for the full exploder but ACH struggles out. Big slaps from Mark followed by a boot to ACH at the bottom turnbuckle. As Mark runs for the corner clothesline, ACH returns the favor with a boot to Briscoe, and Briscoe responds with a Death Valley Driver of his own. He climbs to the top turnbuckle but ACH is stirring and kicks Mark off the ropes. ACH with a shotgun dropkick to Mark's face in the corner and a devastating brainbuster!

ACH goes to the top for Midnight Star, but Mark gets the knees up for the counter as ACH crashes and burns! Mark Briscoe hits a Fisherman brainbuster on ACH and sets him up on the floor in the corner before going to the top rope. Mark hits Froggy Bow from the top on ACH for the 3 count and the win!

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the ROH World TV Championship: Mark Briscoe

Mark celebrates the big win and a disappointed ACH shakes his hand before leaving up the ramp. Bobby Fish back in the ring now for a staredown with the new #1 Contender. He holds the title up in Mark's face and our first match for Death Before Dishonor is set as Mark Briscoe will challenge Bobby Fish for the ROH World TV Championship live on PPV August 19th.

Next week, Roderick Strong and Dalton Castle face off, and in two weeks, Kyle O'Reilly challenges ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal for the title!


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