Rumor Killer On WWE Talking To Top Stars, WWE Worried About Talents Causing Controversy, More

We noted before via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that despite reports and comments from the man himself, WWE has no plans on bringing Kurt Angle back. It's always possible WWE is pulling a swerve by saying they are not bringing Angle back but The Observer now reports that WWE officials are extremely squeamish about anyone who may cause even a little bit of controversy after recent incidents with Adam Rose, Jerry Lawler and Roman Reigns. Angle's past appears to be one reason WWE officials don't want to bring him back.


On a related note, WWE continues to negotiate multi-year deals with veterans about coming back, in an attempt to beef up the rosters for the Brand Extension that goes live later this month. Regarding rumors of who has been contacted, The Observer confirms that no contact was made with Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio.

WWE is also aggressively scouting talents on the indies right now, and targeting talents from Lucha Underground that are contractually able to leave. They are looking for talents who they see as coachable. Apparently "coachable" is the new buzzword. It was also reported by The Observer that WWE is going to be very strict when it comes to background checks on potential signings.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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