Sasha Banks On Her Mystery Partner At WWE Battleground, Snoop Dogg Mentioning Her In HOF Speech

Sasha Banks spoke with BET to promote WWE Battleground. The full interview is at this link and the highlights are below.

Let's get to Battle Ground first. You're in tag-team action with a mystery partner against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. There has been a lot of speculation as to who your mystery partner will be.

"I get a lot of tweets. It could be Nikki Bella I've been hearing a lot of rumors. It might be Bayley. The [WWE] Draft just happened and we just got a lot of new girls Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Nia Jax. Could be one of them. You never know. The Boss doesn't need friends, but the ones I do have I keep very close. I finally get to get my hands on Charlotte, who has been running from me since day one. She's been hiding because she knows I'm better than her. After this Sunday, I'm going to prove to Charlotte that I deserve a one-on-one match with her."

During your cousin Snoop's Celebrity Wing: WWE Hall of Fame induction speech this past April, he spoke about bringing you backstage at WrestleMania when you were a kid.

"I had no idea that he was going to mention me in his speech, so that really touched my heart. I was only 16 and WrestleMania [XXIV in March 2008] was in Orlando, which is crazy because that's where WrestleMania [33] is going to be next year.

"But I just remember begging him like, 'Please, please, please take me with you.' He was the [Master of Ceremonies] for a match at WrestleMania that year and I remember him walking down the ramp during rehearsals and I was running behind him. I was like, 'Wow, this is going to be me and I'm going to be walking down this ramp one day.' And here I am, eight years later, walking down the ramp at WrestleMania with him performing my entrance music."

What would you tell a young African-American girl watching you and wanting to be a WWE Superstar like Sasha Banks?

"To anybody boy or girl if it's your dream, do not give up. I was told no a 100 times. I was told I wasn't pretty enough, tall enough, that I didn't have the right look. But I kept coming back and saying, 'No, this is my dream and I'm going to keep fighting for it.' I'm finally here, but I'm still fighting for my goals and things I want to accomplish."

Source: BET


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