Seth Rollins On What Would Offend Him With The WWE Draft, WWE Shop Draft Sale, Eric Bischoff

- The latest episode of This Week In WWE History, which you can watch above, looks at Eric Bischoff being named the new general manager of Monday Night Raw in 2002.

- Seth Rollins appeared on the Cheap Heat podcast this week to promote Saturday's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden. During the interview, Rollins spoke about the WWE draft next week. Rollins said that it doesn't matter if he's drafted to RAW or SmackDown, but he's "got to be the number one pick." He said that he's the best wrestler to build a brand around. He said that he feel slighted if he was number 2, and insulted if he was anything below that.

- To celebrate the WWE Draft, WWE Shop is running separate RAW and SmackDown deals all weekend long. You can save save 30% on t-Shirts this weekend by clicking here and using code SMACKDOWN at checkout. Or, you can save 20% on championship title belts at this link by using code RAW.


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