The Rock Flips The Bird; Talks Shooting "Ballers", If He Has Football Regrets, More (Video)

WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet interviewed The Rock at the Ballers Season 2 Premiere on South Beach, as seen in the video above. In addition to The Rock flipping the bird at the end of the interview, he discussed shooting Ballers in his hometown of Miami and whether or not he would change anything to be able to achieve his childhood dream of playing in the NFL. Below are some highlights:

Shooting Ballers in his hometown of Miami:

"There is nothing like it. I sleep in my own bed shooting Ballers. I get in my pickup truck and I drive to work and a lot of times you are off shooting in these crazy locations but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Not only that, but I've got a baby at home, my girl is at home, my family is at home, it's a cool thing."

Whether he would change anything to achieve his childhood dream of playing in the NFL:

"No I wouldn't change a thing. I worked so hard to play pro football and it didn't happen for me. It was a sobering experience because it was the realization of hey, you're not good enough. But other players were and I'm happy for them, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, a lot of the guys that I played with. But I wouldn't change a thing because everything happens for a reason and I also learned this which was a bit of advice that I learned a few years ago and I always carry it with me: Sometimes things don't happen and when they don't they can be the best things that never happened."