TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/12): Destination X, Final Deletion Fallout, Big Debut, World Title





After last week's Final Deletion. The show opens with the title... "The Day After"..... Jeff Hardy sees visions of himself being wrapped up in tape. He then awakes from the nightmare...Meanwhile Matt Hardy is back at his home thanking his boat for saving him. He names his boat "Scarsguard". He then takes the boat into the lake and a vanguard 1 drone tracks him with Jeff Hardy's shirt attached to it. Matt throws the shirt into the lake and proclaims that "it is OVAH".


Back in the impact zone. Introductions are made for the upcoming #1 contenders X division match.


Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett vs Rockstar Spud vs DJ Z vs Mandrews vs Braxton Sutter

Hot and heavy action to start the match. As all 6 competitors brawl inside and outside the ring. DJ Z does a corkscrew moonsault to take every one out on the outside of the ring. Trevor Lee is in the ring and attempts to use 2 ladders to climb and grab the X in the center of the ring. DJ Z runs in to knock Lee off of the two ladders. The ladders are on the ground as the competitors battle. Eventually the ring is cleared and as DJ Z attempts to climb the ladder to retrieve the neon X symbol. Shane Helms runs in to try and prevent Z from getting the X. DJ gives Helms a hurrancanrana to take him out of the ring. After the chaotic battle continues inside the ring, DJ Z overcomes the other competitors in the match and climbs up and grabs the X to become the #1 contender for the X division championship.



Post match, Jeremy Borash is at ringside to interview DJ after his win. DJ Z states that he has been in the X division for many years and this is his time now. All of a sudden, The Miracle Mike Bennett attacks DJ Z from behind and lays him out. Bennett grabs the mic and says he is going to ruin Destination X and he is going to burn TNA to the ground.

EC3 is shown backstage and he hypes his "Fight" with Drew Galloway later tonight as we go to break.

Back from the break. Dixie Carter is interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell. Carter plugs next week's Impact moving to Thursdays at 8pm eastern. Dixie also briefly previews The Bound for Glory playoffs starting next week.

Eddie Edwards is in the ring with his X division title and then Bobby Lashley arrives to confront him. Lashley says the only thing Edwards has accomplished by accepting the title vs title match is pissing him off. Edwards says that if Lashley is pissed now, wait till he wins later tonight. Lashley tells Eddie that the underdogs can not win. It only happens in the movies and that Lashley is the best talent that TNA has ever seen. Eddie says that this isn't a movie. This is his life and then Lashley attacks him in mid sentence and beats him down. Hits a big power slam in the center of the ring and then goes to grab a chair from ringside. As Lashley is about to hit Edwards with a chair. Davey Richards returns to save his partner and they fight out off Lashley together.


Crazzy Steve is backstage with Abyss, He is upset that they can't find Rosemary. Abyss tells Steve that every thing will end up beautiful as we go to break.

We are back. Matt Hardy is having some sort of art exhibit/presentation with his wife, Reby Sky and his son Maxel. He then asks for the projector to be rolled as he plays highlights of last week's final deletion of Jeff Hardy. Matt proclaims that there will be a public deletion and then proceeds to chant Delete with his guests as he hoists his son in the air.

Back in the arena, Josh Matthews says, Wait till you see what happened last night at dinner at Matt's house in Cameron, North Carolina.

Highlights shown of last week's Rosemary-Bram kiss as The Decay enters the ring without Rosemary. Bram is then introduced who arrives to the ring by himself.


Crazzy Steve provides a distraction on the apron and that helps Abyss take control of the match early. After some back and forth brawling between the two. Bram regains the momentum briefly before being thrown over the top rope by Abyss. Crazzy Steve begins to beat up on Bram on the outside and pulls out some of Bram's hair. Abyss is in control for a while before Bram eventually rallies and gets the advantage temporarily before Abyss choke slams him. As this happens, Rosemary starts to come to the ring, ignores Steve at ringside and has a brief exchange with Bram while he is laid out in the ring. Abyss is distracted and Bram wins with a roll up.



After the match. Rosemary touches a confused looking Bram on the outside. Doubly confused are her partners in The Decay in the ring..... Preview of upcoming Knockouts title match as we go to the break.

Back in the Impact Zone. Knockout introductions for the 4 Way Title Match.


Sienna vs Gail Kim VS Marti Bell VS Jade

Gail Kim starts off the action quickly by attacking Sienna on the ramp way. Two of the knockouts are laid out at ringside as Sienna gets into the ring and battles with Marti Bell until Gail Kim recovers and takes both down with a clothesline. Marti recovers and throws Gail outside the ring and concentrates on Sienna. Marti and Sienna trade chops as Jade and Kim both re-enter the ring and in unison take out Sienna and Marti. Then Gail and Jade trade blows alone in the ring. Gail attempts a tilt a whirl head scissors but Jade counters with a near fall. As Jade climbs to the top rope. Sienna re-enters the ring and puts Gail on her shoulders. All 3 crash to the mat in what looked like a tandem move attempt but didn't come off that way. Kim is close to winning the match by pinning Jade but Ally, Sienna's associate interferes by putting Jade's foot on the bottom rope to break up the 3 count. Sienna hits the "silencer" kick on Gail Kim and pins her to regain her title.



Footage of The Matt Hardy family dinner from last night is shown. Matt tries to speak spanish with a romanian girl and then instructs her to make sure she doesn't bring him mustard. Matt Hardy rants about the public deletion that will take place in the Impact Zone as his assistant jots down the term Delete and underlines it while Matt screams the word Delete repeatedly..... Josh Matthews says that Matt Hardy will be live in the ring after the break.

Back from the break, highlights are shown of the return of Davey Richards to help aid his partner Eddie Edwards. Lashley is backstage at the arena and says that he wants Davey Richards at ringside when he destroys Eddie Edwards later tonight and he will rip the heart out of The X Division.

Highlights are once again shown of last weeks Final Deletion..... Back in The Impact Zone. "Broken" Matt Hardy's piano music plays as the lights are dim. Reby Sky arrives with Maxel attached to her and insults the audience and tells them to enjoy the Broken Brilliance as she introduces Matt Hardy who limps to the ring.

Matt tells the crowd to boo him because their booing only makes him stronger. He then goes on to say that he won the greatest match in wrestling history. The fans chant for Jeff but Matt claims that Jeff doesn't exist anymore because he deleted him. Matt says he is a kind human being and that he will bring out his brother "Broken Nero" one last time. Matt has Reby introduce The Evil Enigma Brother Nero. Reby introduces Brother Nero and calls him obsolete. "Nero" arrives acting somber and walking slowly to the ring as Reby chants "obsolete" repeatedly. Matt Hardy states that Nero's TNA contract has now been terminated and tells him to be gone. As Nero walks away, Matt directs him to stop. Matt tells him that he doesn't want him to try and come back or go to work in New York for Mr. Meek Mahan. He also doesn't want him to work in Japan because he owns Jeff and wants to turn him into an obsolete mule. Matt says he may be broken but he will never be broke.... He says deletion is a worse punishment than death. Matt then chants Delete over and over and over to end the segment as his piano music plays.


Mike Bennett and Maria are backstage heading to find Eddie Edwards. DJ Z confronts Bennett and challenges to meet him in the ring. The Miracle accepts as we head to commercial break.

Maria introduces "The Miracle" Mike Bennett as we return from the break. DJ z arrives to make his second in ring appearance of the night.

Mike Bennett vs DJ Z

Maria is on the apron and distracts DJ Z. Bennett attacks Z from behind and beats him down to take early control of the match. The Pope on commentary compares DJ Z to Ricky Steamboat..... Meanwhile, Bennett continues to have the advantage. DJ eventually fights back and hits a dropkick and flying spring board elbow. Z hits a high back elbow but as he rolls, He is caught in a diamond cutter by Bennett for a near fall. Bennett then takes Z to the top rope, Z fights back to get out of that predicament but is caught in an impressive looking spine buster for a near fall by The Miracle. They both battle to the outside and Z head scissors Bennett to the outside of the ring and then Z hits a plancha to the outside on top of Bennett and then also hits a hurrancanrana. As DJ Z climbs to the top rope to attempt another aerial move. Bennett rolls away and decides to leave. The stars of the X division arrive in the ramp way to prevent the Miracle from leaving. Bennett gets back in the ring and DJ Z rolls him up for the victory.



Post match, Mike Bennett gets on the mic and is irate. He says this is not how things were supposed to go tonight. He claims that he is going to burn TNA to the ground but he is not going to do it by himself.

Drew Galloway is backstage and says he and EC3 are going to fight right now as we go to the break.

Mike Bennett is on the phone in the backstage area. He tells someone on the phone. Get here tonight so that we can burn down TNA together.

Drew Galloway enters the ring in street clothes and grabs the mic. Galloway states that he and EC3 go way back and he knows him well but Ethan is getting in his way of being the world champion. He calls out EC3 who also arrives in street gear. EC3 tells Drew that even though they were friends in the past and they may be friends in the future but tonight... Drew will be his "scottish puppy dog b**ch"....... EC3 charges the ring and the fight begins. They fight to the outside. Drew uses the barricade and then attempts a suplex on the floor, EC3 reverses it. The fight continues and a chair at ringside is introduced. EC3 grabs hold of the chair and throws it at Galloway. Drew rebounds and throws Carter into the ring post and then hits him with a steel chair. Both men battle all the way to the ramp area. They then fight into the backstage area, Agents, wrestlers and officials break them up from fighting any further.


Davey Richards is in the locker room with Eddie Edwards. He is taping him up and talking about their history together. Richards says he wishes he was in the ring tonight but will be at ringside to support Edwards vs Lashley.

BFG playoffs are teased for next Thursday's Impact Wrestling. Now for the main event.


Bobby Lashley starts off the match with a quick suplex of Edwards. Lashley then stomps Edwards into the corner. He then springs into Edwards with 3 consecutive shoulder charges followed by a back drop. As Lashley attempts a suplex, Edwards slips out with a sleeper hold. Edwards springs to the outside on top of Lashley but gets caught in mid air. Lashley attempts to powerslam Edwards but Eddie counters and hits a hurrancanrana. They battle towards the ramp way and Lashley backdrops Edwards to the ground. Lashley then spears Edwards into the ring steps as we go to the final break.

Back from the break. Lashley is in the ring pounding on Eddie Edwards and is in full control. Bobby then hits a neck breaker on Eddie for a 2 count. Edwards tries to fight out of a sleeper but is quickly knocked down by Lashley. He continues to dominate the action as he taunts the crowd while beating up on Edwards. Edwards finally fights back with multiple chops and then he hits a swinging DDT on Bobby as the crowd chants for him. Lashley attempts a spear, Eddie Edwards avoids it and Bobby crashes to the outside. Eddie Edwards then hits three straight suicide dives on Bobby Lashley. Eddie hits a sit out spinebuster in the ring on Bobby for a near fall. Edwards has Lashley draped on the top rope. He kicks him a couple of times and Lashley stumbles to the apron... Edwards then attempts to give Lashley a top rope hurrancanrana and connects. Edwards goes for the Boston Knee Party, Lashley counters into a powerslam but accidentally knocks out the referee. Lashley grabs the title belt at ringside and attempts to hit Edwards with it. Richards saves Edwards and Eddie gets a near fall on Lashley as the ref comes to. Mike Bennett comes into the ring and hits the ref. Music hits and out comes Moose who does his Moose rallying cry. Moose attacks Richards at ringside and then power bombs Eddie Edwards off of the apron. Moose comes into the ring and goes to face to face with Lashley. Bennett low blows Lashley and Moose takes out Lashley with a spinning discus clothesline. Moose and The Miracle are in the ring celebrating.



We cut to McKenzie Mitchell backstage who runs to Dixie Carter and asks what she thinks of what just happened. Dixie is irate that there wasn't a finish to the title vs title match and announces that next thursday. There will be a rematch with no interference as Bobby Lashley will face Eddie Edwards in a six sides of steel cage match. The show ends on that note.