Season 14- Episode 30

Taped at The "Impact Zone" in Orlando, Florida

Tonight's show features the 2 semifinal matches in The Bound for Glory Playoffs to determine a #1 contender for the TNA world championship currently held by The "Destroyer" Bobby Lashley. Also on the show is a TNA tag title match between The Decay and The Bro-Mans. They will be facing off in a "Monsters Ball" match. The TNA in-ring debut of Moose as well as a singles match between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, who is faced with the challenge of having to defeat every TNA knockout in order to get another TNA Knockouts title match.

The show starts with highlights from last week's Impact Wrestling and hype for tonight's semifinal matches.

In the arena, "Broken" Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic. Matt says he only cares about his wife, son, Senor Benjamin and his devotees. He calls out to the ring his obsolete mule for whom he no longer cares for. "Brother Nero". Reby Sky accompanies Jeff Hardy to the ring and chants "Obsolete" at him. Matt declares "Nero" his slave who has to work for him and make him money. Matt gives instructions to "Nero" to insure that he beats EC3 to advance to the finals of the BFG playoffs. Jeff says Matt doesn't need his help. Matt is upset that Nero has said no to him. Out comes EC3 and heads to the ring. EC3 mocks Matt with his "you knew i'd come" phrase and imitates Matt's facial mannerisms. EC3 comes to Jeff's defense and chants relevant creature at Jeff. Matt says he will eat EC3 and his cats. EC3 calls for the ref to start their upcoming match.



Back and forth action to start. Matt resorts to biting early on to try and counter EC3's power. Which actually leads to EC3 bleeding on the bridge of his nose. EC3 hits a beautiful dropkick and then when he lands, He clutches his left leg in pain. Matt sees this and pounces on EC3 and starts targeting his left leg. EC3 is able to eventually counter Matt's attack and sends him outside the ring. Carter then dives over the top rope onto Matt. As they get back in the ring. Matt hits a hanging DDT on EC3 for a 2 count. Hardy tries to hit the twist of hate on EC3 but he rallies with a flurry of moves. Matt stops the rally using more biting and then targeting EC3's leg again. Matt takes off EC3's boot and pulls him near the ring post but than rather than use the ring post. He proceeds to attempt to bite his foot instead. EC3 counters, Seeing her man in trouble. Reby Sky gets on the apron and tries to give Matt the hammer she used to help him win last week. It backfires when she is knocked off of the apron. The ref is knocked down as well. Jeff Hardy throws a hammer into the middle of the ring. Unclear if it was intended for Matt to use or EC3.... EC3 hits Matt with his boot and hits the 1 percenter for the victory to advance to the BFG final.


We are backstage with Maria, Allie and Madison Rayne. Maria thanks Madison for stepping up last week and attacking Gail Kim. Madison wants to know what Maria is going to do for her if she beats Gail Kim.

Back from the break. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are in the parking lot. Matt yells at Jeff and blames him for his loss to EC3. He then tells Jeff that at Breaking point that he will learn that everything he loves will one day die.

Back in the ring for tonight's knockouts match.


Good match between these two, who have a long history with each other. Evenly contested match. The story of the match was how well they know each other and have each other's moves scouted. So there were a lot of counters and reversals early on. The final sequence saw Gail Kim come off the top rope and miss. Madison hits the Rayne check for a near fall but Gail reaches the ropes. Gail Kim counters a frustrated Madison with her finisher out of nowhere for the victory.


Backstage, Mike Bennett is with Moose. Bennett tells Dixie he is going to take over the company with Moose and beat Drew Galloway tonight. Moose says he is going to hit his opponent with the "gamebreaker" and does the moose chant.

Back from the break. Bram is shown in the woods meeting with Rosemary. Rosemary starts talking about her past and a strange video package is shown of Rosemary growing up on a farm. She daydreams about finding her cat dead. She is somehow taken over by a spirit and falls out of a tree when she is in mourning. Then she starts talking to her tree and has a conversation about her non existent brother Montgomery. We flash back to Bram and Rosemary together, He cuts off the story and doesn't know what to think. Rosemary says she didn't bring him out to talk about them. She looks at the farmhouse and says she wants to talk about what is in there. Segment ends there.


Showcase match for Moose where he shows off his athleticism and power. Star tries to fight back momentarily but gets power bombed on the apron on the outside. Moose hits the "gamebreaker" for the easy victory. It's basically a discus clothesline. The same he used on Lashley two weeks ago.


Mike Bennett takes the mic in the ring and starts bragging about Moose's dominance when Lashley's music hits and they head to a break. Back from the break. Lashley is face to face with Moose. Mike Bennett tries to calm them down and then trolls the audience by asking them if they want to see Moose and Lashley wrestle. Mike says that he needs Moose to protect him tonight in the BFG playoffs with Galloway and they both leave.

As they are both leaving. Lashley insults Moose but Bennett holds him back. Lashley then says that he is going for every TNA title. Out comes DJ Z to challenge Lashley to a match. Lashley accepts and gives DJ Z the option of picking any match he wants. DJ Z chooses a ladder match for the X division title and it starts now.



Clash of styles between these two. Z immediately gets a ladder. He uses his speed early to dodge Lashley's offense but eventually gets caught. Z ends up getting the advantage using aerial moves to take Lashley out on the outside of the ring as we go to the break. Back from the break and the tables have turned or the ladder in this case as Lashley is using the ladder to sandwich Z between it and the apron. The ladder is now in the ring along with both men. Lashley continues to over power Z and sends him out of the ring and then attempts to climb the ladder. Z jumps off the top rope and stops Lashley. He then gets on top of the ladder and dives onto Lashley on the outside of the ring. In a great spot as DJ Z tries to climb the ladder. Lashley gets underneath the ladder and picks it up and throws Z off of it. The final sequence has Lashley and Z both climbing to the top of the ladder. Lashley presses Z over his head on top of the ladder and slams him down. Lashley grabs the X division title and retains it.


Backstage, Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter are trash talking one another about potentially facing each other in the final.

We are back to Rosemary and Bram together. Rosemary reveals that she has never told anyone her secrets. We then see more video highlights of Rosemary's past. Her imaginary brother told her that someone named Johnny would come to her. Johnny eventually came to her and then as it looked like he was going to take advantage of her. The story cut off. Rosemary couldn't finish telling Bram the story and said that she would need the ghosts to help her finish the story. To be continued was flashed on the screen.

Meanwhile....... Back in a wrestling ring. Eli Drake appears to be hosting another edition of "Fact of Life". Drake talks about Lashley's proclamation that he is going to win all the titles. Drake insults Lashley and tells him that he has never beaten him. Drake says Lashley is chasing titles like he is chasing Pokemon go. Eli starts to challenge Lashley when James Storm's music hits. Storm comes into the ring. Drake tells Storm that he is calling out contenders not drunks. Storm says that if he was sober, he'd beat Eli for his king of the mountain title. He then offers Drake some beer but Drake refuses and sips on his gallon of water and says, he is drinking the nectar of life instead. Storm kicks his water out of the ring and says water sucks just like Drake. Storm then gives Drake a semi motivational speech where he insults Drake's attire but compliments his ability and challenges him to a king of the mountain title match. Drake refuses. James Storm insults Eli's mom which leads to Drake hitting his dummy button several times and insulting the audience. Drake agrees to give Storm a title match if James agrees to never drink beer or play cowboy music or use his theme music again when he loses to him. James agrees to the match. Drake tries to attack Storm, James fights back but Drake gets the advantage and hits the blunt force trauma. The segment closes with Drake yelling dummy repeatedly at a fallen Storm.

A video is shown of Tyrus in his gimmick, The Fixer. This is followed by Grado and Shera hanging out backstage. Grado is on the phone trying to secure the services of Tyrus in their battle with The Tribunal next week. Tyrus refuses but Shera yells at Grado and says they don't need him. Grado will help him.

A brawl breaks out backstage between The Bro-Mans and The Decay and this signals the start of their match as we go to break.



Back from the break. Both teams are in a ring filled with weapons and The Decay are in control. Crazzy Steve throws thumbtacks on the ring floor. A barbed wire board is set in the corner and Abyss starts hitting Jesse with a steel chair. The Bro-Mans change the tide in the match and start hitting the Decay with a kendo stick and chair. They also start doing tandem moves with the weapons. They both end up spearing Abyss through the barb wired table set in the corner. They then drop Steve into the thumb tacks. As it appears that Jessie Godderz is going to make Steve submit while he is in a Boston crab covered in tacks. Abyss makes the save and throws Godderz through a table set at ringside. Abyss goes for his "Janice" weapon but Racquel interferes and stops him. Robbie E gets Janice and tries to hit Steve with it but then gets choke slammed by Abyss and Steve covers him to get the win.


We head for the break as Mike Bennett is shown with Maria backstage heading to the ring for the main event.



As Drew Galloway makes his entrance and is headed towards the ring. He is attacked from behind by Moose and power bombed on the apron. The match starts with Drew injured inside the ring. Bennett tries quick covers to get the cheap win to no avail. The miracle dominates the early portion of this match targeting Drew's injured back. Drew eventually rallies with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Drew then attempts to jump off the top rope but Bennett counters with a cutter for a near fall. Bennett has the advantage again in this match until Drew rallies late but the ref is accidentally knocked out. Galloway hits Bennett with a future shock ddt but there is no ref to count the pin. Moose runs out and attacks Galloway. Drew tries to fight back but gets caught in a sit out power bomb from the top rope. The referee, Brian Hebner is revived and begins the count but Drew kicks out at 2. EC3 comes out to even the odds and attacks Moose. He then goes in the ring to retrieve a kendo stick from Mike Bennett. Carter goes to hit Bennett but misses and hits Galloway instead. Bennett hits the M.I.P. On Galloway and pins him for the victory. On the outside of the ring, Moose takes out EC3 with a game breaker. As the show ends with Bennett celebrating.