Triple H Hypes WWE NXT In The Draft, Dolph Ziggler - RNC Update, Jimmy Uso Vs. Tyler Breeze Gaming

- Jimmy Uso and Tyler Breeze are doing a new Best of 3 series for Xavier Woods' "UpUpDownDown" YouTube channel. They play Samurai Showdown for their first battle, seen above.

- As noted, six WWE NXT Superstars, to be named, will be eligible for RAW and SmackDown in the WWE Draft tomorrow night. Triple H tweeted the following on the call-ups:

- Dolph Ziggler is currently in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. It's been reported that Ziggler will be providing some coverage for FOX Business show Kennedy Nation but it appears he may be doing some work for WWE as well. He went live on Facebook at 3pm today and tweeted the following:


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