Video Of Paul Heyman's Undertaker - Brock Lesnar Conspiracy Theory, SummerSlam Concert, Renee Young

- As noted, Paul Heyman floated a theory about the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar finish at WrestleMania 30 being a shoot during his recent one-man shows in the U.K. Wrestling Inc. reader Innes McVey noted that Heyman suggested that it was actually planned that Taker was to go over at Wrestlemania 30, but Brock, in a shoot, beat down Taker so bad and hooked his leg in a way that he couldn't kick out. Heyman said that if that was what happened, WWE could not fire Lesnar because he had just beaten the Undertaker's streak and that the only way out of the situation was to go with Lesnar beating the streak. Heyman also mentioned that it would explain why Lesnar's music was not immediately played after he pinned Taker and why Taker collapsed as soon as he got through the curtain.

He also confirmed, if the story he told wasn't true, that the only people who knew about the streak's end was himself, Lesnar, Taker & Vince. Video of Heyman's theory was recently uploaded to his "Heyman Hustle" YouTube channel, which you can watch in the video above. Please note that the video contains some strong language.

- Tickets went on sale today for the WWE SummerSlam Concert that will take place on Thursday, Aug. 18, at 7 p.m. ET at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Proceeds from the show will benefit Connor's Cure. The event is headlined by Flo Rida and pop superstar Jason Derulo.

- The Barclays Center also posted the video below of Renee Young promoting tickets going on sale today for the concert:


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