Will Ospreay Says Vader Hasn't Been Relevant Since 1992, Ospreay - Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes Note

- Will Ospreay cut a promo on Vader at last night's RPW Summer Sizzler event, as seen in the video above. In the promo, Ospreay said that Vader hasn't been relevant since 1992. Ospreay will face Vader at Uprising 2016 on Friday, August 12th at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, England.


- Speaking of Ospreay, Paul Heyman invited him to be his personal guest at his U.K. show in London on Tuesday. Ospreay quickly accepted, and he will be appearing at the event. You can get more details about Heyman's tour in the U.K. this week at insidetheropes.co.uk.

- iDigitalTimes has an article here about Cody Rhodes appearing on Season 5 of Arrow. It was noted that Rhodes will likely be playing a villain on the show given the "Destroy Queen" term that appeared on his jacket in the tweet he posted over the weekend:


Gavin Horne contributed to this article.